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        Date: 2022-04-02 07:04:31+00:00
        From: Megan Mitchell <>
        Subject: Call for Proposals - ILiADS 2022!

The ILiADS Steering Committee welcomes proposals for the seventh
Institute for Liberal Arts Digital Scholarship! This year’s Institute,
hosted by Grinnell College, will be held in person *June 26-July 1, 2022*.

ILiADS offers a week-long intensive environment for collaborative
project teams composed of some mix of researchers, librarians,
technologists, and students to build upon established digital pedagogy
or scholarship projects and/or launch new ones. To help get a new
project started and/or clear hurdles, each team is assigned a Liaison
expert to consult on the project and help connect them to other experts.
The schedule for the week includes focused team time supplemented by
panels and talks designed around the cohort. This allows time for
hands-on exploration and open inquiry and allows for the community to
drive professional development throughout the week through responsive
pop-up sessions and spontaneous collaborations. Over the course of the
week, team members will learn more about their own collaboration and how
to sustain their project into the future.

The steering committee encourages proposals from teams in whole or in
part new to digital scholarship. We especially encourage projects led by
undergraduates, as well as staff and early career faculty. Additionally,
we invite proposals from teams that include members who are Black,
Indigenous, Latinx, and people of color, people with disabilities,
neurodivergent people, and LGBTQ+ people. Projects of all types, and in
any stage, are welcomed. We employ an expansive definition of "digital
project" that can include topics like infrastructure development and
pedagogical practice

As you prepare your submission, please follow the proposal guidelines
<>. Examples of successful
project proposals from the past are linked from the CFP page on the
ILiADS website <>.

Please send a PDF with your completed proposal (or any questions!) to by April 18, 2022.

Megan S. Mitchell
Academic Engagement & Digital Initiatives Coordinator
Oberlin College Libraries
148 W. College Street
Oberlin, OH  44074
Voice: 440-775-5028
Fax:    440-775-6586 

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