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        Date: 2022-03-31 15:17:14+00:00
        From: Ken Friedman <>
        Subject: New Issue of She Ji Now Online

Dear Colleagues,

The latest issue of She Ji has just been published. As a fully peer reviewed
open access journal, we make all issues available free on our web site. You can
download the current issue here. You can use the button at the left of the page
to download the full issue or you can use the Table of Contents to download
single articles:

Here are the contents of this issue:

by Ken Friedman

Harmony in Design: A Synthesis of Literature from Classical Philosophy, the
Sciences, Economics, and Design
by J. Derek Lomas and Haian Xue

Design Discourses of Transformation
by Sharon Prendeville and Mikko Koria

Chill, Fiery, Slack, and Five Other Vibes: A Phenomenological Inquiry into Group
by Alev Sönmez, Pieter M.A. Desmet, and Natalia Romero Herrera

The Eye Inward and the Eye Outward: Introducing a Framework for Mood-Sensitive
Service Encounters
by Pelin Esnaf Uslu, Pieter M.A. Desmet, and Hendrik N.J. Schifferstein

Down the Brain Drain: Searching for Doctorateness in all the Wrong Places
by Luke Feast

Review of The Legal Design Book: Doing Law in the 21st Century, by Astrid
Kohlmeier and Meera Klemola
by David Durling

You can download individual articles or the entire issue at URL


Ken Friedman

Ken Friedman, Ph.D., D.Sc. (hc), FDRS | Editor-in-Chief | 设计 She Ji. The Journal
of Design, Economics, and Innovation | Published by Tongji University in
Cooperation with Elsevier | URL:

Chair Professor of Design Innovation Studies | College of Design and Innovation
| Tongji University | Shanghai, China | Email |
Academia | D&I


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