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        Date: 2022-03-27 06:54:33+00:00
        From: Willard McCarty <>
        Subject: Digital Scholarship in the Humanities Table of Contents for April 2022

Digital Scholarship in the Humanities
Volume 37 Issue 1
April 2022

Towards a computer-assisted aesthetics of user response
Florentina Armaselu

A statistical and lexical study of /Clavis Prophetarum/ [Key of the
Prophets] by António Vieira, S.J. (1608–97)
Carlos Assunção >; José Paulo Tavares; Gonçalo Fernandes

Towards a knowledge base of medieval and renaissance geographical Latin
works: The IMAGO ontology
Valentina Bartalesi ; Daniele Metilli; Nicolò Pratelli; Paolo Pontari

‘too beautiful’: useless art and the queerly optimistic Make Your Own
Brainard Project
Rona Cran

Beyond the binary: Trans women’s video activism on YouTube
Rodrigo Esteves de Lima Lopes

Vector hermeneutics: On the interpretation of vector space models of text
James E Dobson

Facsimile narratives: Researching the past in the age of digital
Mateusz Fafinski

Digitalizing experiential celebrations in the early modern civic space:
A methodological investigation of augmented reality as an interpretative
tool Giovanna Guidicini

Topic analysis of French–English tweets in France
Taoues Hadour

An analysis of the writing of ‘suicide cult’ members
Duncan Hodges; Katie Paxton-Fear

Linguistic discourse in gifted students’ historical education
Viktor Kirillov; Yulia Smirnova; Olga Malysheva; Elena Tokareva; Larisa

A corpus-based approach to explore the stylistic peculiarity of Koji
Uno’s postwar works
Xueqin Liu; Mingzhe Jin

A Commissioner’s Day: Quantitative approaches to the study of evidence
in royal commissions of inquiry
Naomi Parkinson; Stephen Doherty; Lisa Ford

Standards and quantification of coin iconography: possibilities and
Barbara Pavlek; James Winters; Olivier Morin

The end of the Great Speed-Up—and after
Barry Salt

Trump’s and Biden’s styles during the 2020 US presidential election
Jacques Savoy; Marylène Wehren

Using finite-state machines to automatically scan Ancient Greek hexameter
Anne-Kathrin Schumann; Christoph Beierle; Norbert Blößner

Scribe versus authorship attribution and clustering in historic Czech
manuscripts: a case study with visual and linguistic features
Aleksej Tikhonov; Klaus Müller

Creativity complicates tweets: a quantitative lens on syntactic
characteristics of twitter
Yaqin Wang; Haitao Liu

Extending modernist stream-of-consciousness aesthetics: Digital
variations on William Faulkner’s /The Sound and the Fury/
David Thomas Henry Wright

Analysis of fictional characters in the context of artificial
intelligence and big data: taking /A Dream of Red Mansions/ for example
Ying Yuan

Book Review
Mapping Affinities: Democratizing Data Visualization. Dario Rodighiero
Caterina Agostini

Corrigendum <>

Erratum to: Toward a new generation of databases and database
applications for describing ancient manuscripts

Erratum to: Digital humanities and digital social reading border=
Erratum to: The use of the t-test in Shakespeare scholarship
Erratum to: The Diachronic Spanish Sonnet Corpus: TEI and linked open
data encoding, data distribution and metrical findings

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