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        Date: 2022-03-18 15:53:28+00:00
        From: Troy Astarte <>
        Subject: Swansea Uni hiring

Hi folks,

The Department of Computer Science at Swansea University is hiring a
number of full-time, permanent academic positions:

=All> (link to all). 

Many of them are in a specific discipline of CS (e.g. cyber
security) but there are some which are open to any discipline. Swansea
has a research theme in Educational, Historical, and Philosophical
Foundations of Computing
which due to administrative error was left off the job advert (we’re trying to
get this fixed).

The Department is actively seeking to improve its research and teaching
offering in this area and we would love to attract candidates with this
expertise. This is particularly important as we develop a BSc in Digital
which will teach students much more about the context, history, and social
impact of technology than a conventional CS course. To make this
offering excellent we really want to hire more staff with research in
these areas—hence my posting on this list!

Post links:

Lecturer (Teaching pathway): £35–41k

Closing date 2022-04-04 (apologies for the short notice).

Lecturer/Senior lecturer (Research pathway): £35–50k
Closing date 2022-04-24.

Senior lecturer/Associate Professor (Research pathway): £42–60k
Closing date 2022-04-24.

I am happy to field informal enquiries about the EHP / DT aspects,
though for most enquiries there is contact info for the heads of
department and school in the job listings.

Apologies if you see this email multiple times.

Dr. Troy Kaighin Astarte (they/them / nhw)
Lecturer, Computer Science / Darlithydd, Cyfrifiadureg
Swansea University / Prifysgol Abertawe

For students: my office hours are Wednesday (online) and Friday (CoFo
407 & online), 10–1100.
I fyfyrwyr: fy oriau swyddfa yw dydd Mercher (ar-lein) a dydd Gwener
(CoFo 407 ac ar-lein), 10–1100.

Every email has a cost to the climate. Please think before sending short
Mae gan bob e-bost gost i’r hinsawdd. Meddyliwch cyn i chi anfon e-byst byr.

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