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        Date: 2022-03-15 19:34:18+00:00
        From: John Wall <>
        Subject: Virtual Donne

Principal Investigator John N Wall (NC State University) has announced
release of the Virtual Donne website
  < >, an umbrella site for three
additional websites that document and recreate worship services in which
John Donne participated in the early 1620’s.

These sites include the Virtual Paul’s Cross Project
<> which recreates John Donne’s Paul’s
Cross sermon for November 5^th , 1622. Also, the Virtual Trinity Chapel
Project < >, which recreates the Service of
Consecration for Trinity Chapel, Lincoln’s Inn, on May 22^nd , 1623.
Finally, the Virtual St Paul’s Cathedral Project <>, which recreates worship and
preaching at St Paul’s on Easter Day 1624 and the Daily Offices for the
Tuesday after the First Sunday in Advent in 1625.

These projects use digital modeling technology to recreate historically
accurate models of St Paul’s Cathedral and its surroundings in Paul’s
Churchyard as well as Trinity Chapel on the grounds of London’s
Lincoln’s Inn.

The Paul’s Cross and Cathedral Projects include acoustic recreations of
these worship services that one can experience unfolding in real time
and sounding as they would have sounded when they originally occurred.
The Cathedral services include two sermons, one by Lancelot Andrews and
one by John Donne, as well as worship services of the Book of Common
Prayer using full choir and organ.

The Paul’s Cross Project received the John Donne Society’s Award for
Distinguished Digital Publication in 2013 and the Award for Best DH Data
Visualization from DH Awards in 2014.

These Projects were funded by Digital Humanities grants from the
National Endowment for the Humanities.

John N. Wall
Professor of English Literature
NC State University
Principal Investigator for
The Virtual St Paul's Cathedral Project <>
The Virtual Paul's Cross Project

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