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Humanist Archives: March 14, 2022, 5:24 a.m. Humanist 35.593 - PhD studentship: datafication of life (Monash)

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        Date: 2022-03-13 07:31:19+00:00
        From: Preeti Raghunath <>
        Subject: PhD Scholarship on Datafication in South/Southeast Asia/Australia

Dear all,

A multidisciplinary team across Monash University campuses in Malaysia and
Australia, comprising researchers working at the intersections of
anthropology/ethnography, communication governance/policy, health and
marginality, and feminist/anti-race Science and Technology Studies would
like to advertise the following PhD position at the School of Arts and
Social Sciences, Monash University, Malaysia, with a year to be spent at
our campus in Australia:

Are you interested in studying how human lives are being datafied, across
levels and sectors? How do we make sense of technological advances from a
critical perspective? What methods can we deploy to study datafication? And
finally, what does a datafying lifeworld mean for human security and the
marginalised? The right candidate will be fully funded to study
Datafication in South/Southeast Asia or Australia, at the intersection of
Communication Technologies and Society, with a multidisciplinary team
spread across Monash University campuses in Malaysia and Australia.

For more information on the GEMS PhD scholarship and application, see:

Preeti Raghunath, PhD
Lecturer (Communication and Media Studies)
Communication, Arts and Media (CAM)

Room 2-6-04, Level 6, Building 2
School of Arts and Social Sciences
Monash University, Bandar Sunway
47500, Selangor, Malaysia

Twitter: @preetiraghunath

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