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        Date: 2022-03-06 16:21:58+00:00
        From: Marinella Testori <>
        Subject: Corpus Linguistics Summer School 2022

[Da: Akira Murakami <>]

Dear all,

The Centre for Corpus Research at the University of Birmingham is pleased
to announce that our Corpus Linguistics Summer School will take place fully
online this year on 4-7July, 2022.

Attendance is open to all on a first-come-first-served basis upon
completion of the registration process (including payment) through the
university’s online shop linked from the above website:

Registration fee: £80


This year, our participants will have the pleasure to hear
contributions by 

Monika Bednarek (University of Sydney)

Andrew Kehoe (Birmingham City University)
<> , 

Matt Gee (Birmingham City University)

Robbie Love (Aston University)

as well as members of our local staff of corpus


Monika Bednarek
will be delivering the annual Sinclair Lecture on Monday, 4 July.


Our Corpus Linguistics Summer School aims to equip participants with
critical expertise in both theory and practice of corpus-based linguistic
research. Over the course of four days, participants will be actively
involved in two kinds of sessions. First, hands-on sessions will put the
emphasis on the learning of practical skills for the purpose of extracting
and analysing corpus data of various kinds, and the application of this
knowledge to specific research projects. Second, participants will learn
about current corpus research from our team.

Topics of sessions will include (non-exhaustively):

- Corpus linguistics for media analysis
- Analysis of spoken corpora
- CQPweb
- Introduction to R and tidyverse
- Web scraping with R
- Corpus linguistics, digital humanities and the study of fiction
- Sign language corpora
- Corpora and legal research
- Critical issues in keyness analysis
- Behavioral Profile
- Machine learning in corpus linguistics
- Corpus-based discourse analysis
- Corpus linguistics and language learning
- Regular expression
- Corpus annotation and analysis with the UAM corpus tool

Best regards,


Akira Murakami
Birmingham Fellow
Department of English Language and Linguistics
University of Birmingham

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