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    [1]    From: Olga Boichak <>
           Subject: SICSS-Sydney 2022 (29)

    [2]    From: Ray Siemens <>
           Subject: DHSI 2022—Online Edition (6-10 June) (38)

        Date: 2022-03-08 09:47:16+00:00
        From: Olga Boichak <>
        Subject: SICSS-Sydney 2022

Institute in Computational Social Science (Sydney)

From 20 June to 1 July, 2022 the Sydney Social Sciences and Humanities
Advanced Research Centre will host the Institute in Computational Social 
Science to be held at the University of Sydney, Australia. The purpose of the
Institute is to bring together graduate students, postdoctoral researchers,
and beginning faculty interested in computational social science. The
Institute is for both social scientists (broadly conceived) and data
scientists (broadly conceived). This event is organised in partnership with
Data61 <> and it is the first time it will be held
in Australia.

We invite applications from PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and
early career faculty within 5 years of PhD conferral. We welcome applicants
from all backgrounds and fields of study, especially applicants from groups
currently underrepresented in computational social science. SICSS-Sydney
aims to select around 25 participants, all of whom are expected to fully
attend the entire two-week program. Participation is free of charge for
selected applicants, and applications close on 15 March.

Please help spread the word among your students, colleagues, and/or
networks in Australia and New Zealand:

SICSS-Sydney is part of a network of 33 worldwide partner locations hosting
SICSS in 2022:

Thank you, and please reach out to with any

        Date: 2022-03-08 06:16:59+00:00
        From: Ray Siemens <>
        Subject: DHSI 2022—Online Edition (6-10 June)

Hi Everyone!

Details of DHSI 2022—Online Edition (6-10 June) workshops and events are
now available at <>, and registration has opened.

We’re delighted to offer a robust virtual program featuring over 50
online workshops (with full participation registration and, in many
cases, an option to audit), seven aligned conferences & events,
and five institute lectures, with engagement via a combination of
synchronous and asynchronous means, and low cost registration as well as
scholarship opportunities! We thank our partners and sponsors (including
the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council), workshop
instructors, aligned conference & event organizers, institute lecturers,
local facilitators, and beyond for making this possible.

Details of DHSI 2022—Online Edition
<> (6-10 June) workshops and
events are now available at <> and registration
has opened. More information is available via these links:

   * Online workshops <>
   * Institute lectures
   * Aligned conferences & events <> 
     (Call for papers deadline 4 April)
   * Schedule at a glance
   * Registration
     <> –
     join us!!

We’re very excited for our virtual time together, and hope to see you in


The 2022 DHSI team @UVic  [Ray, Alyssa, Randa, Caroline, Talya, Tim]

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