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        Date: 2022-03-04 05:35:04+00:00
        From: Bonds, Leigh <>
        Subject: Lecture - Accessing the Archives: Folk Music Collections and the Rise of Digital Humanities (3/11)

The Ohio State University’s Center for Folklore Studies and Center
for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (CRMS) are co-hosting the 13th
annual Utley lecture “Accessing the Archives: Folk Music Collections and
the Rise of Digital Humanities" by Dr. James Revell Carr (University of
Kentucky) at 4:00 PM ET on 11 March 2022.

In this presentation, Dr. Carr, director of the John Jacob Niles Center
for American Music at the University of Kentucky, will discuss his
participation in initiatives to digitize a wide range of rare and
fragile materials relevant to scholars in folklore, ethnomusicology, and
other disciplines in the arts and humanities, including the English
Broadside Ballad Archive and the Cylinder Audio Archive at UC Santa
Barbara, the Grateful Dead Archive at UC Santa Cruz, and Sounding
Spirit, a multi-sited project aimed at digitizing thousands of American
sacred songbooks and hymnals.

Please visit the CRMS event page
to register or for more information.

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