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        Date: 2022-01-26 21:42:04+00:00
        From: Mapes, Kristen <>
        Subject: Global Digital Humanities Symposium - Registration Open & Program Announced (March 23-25)

Global Digital Humanities Symposium
March 23-25, 2022 | #MSUGlobalDH

Wednesday, March 23, 5:00-9:00pm EDT
Thursday, March 24, 1:00-5:15pm EDT
Friday, March 25, 9:00am-1:20pm EDT

Registration is open and the program is now available! Join us for a fantastic
free and fully virtual event. Registration Deadline: Friday, March 18

We are pleased to support presentations in English and Spanish, with live
interpretation from English into Spanish and French, and from Spanish into
English. Live captions will also be provided for presentations given in English.

In particular, we would like to point out keynote presentations from Olivia
Quintanilla (Towards Marine Justice: Indigenous Pacific Island Ecologies and the
Right to Nature), June Rubis (Seeing the utan (forest) for the orang (people): a
decolonial Indigenous approach to orangutan conservation), and Hanna Musiol
(Industry, Postcolony, and the Immersive Arts of Environmental Storytelling)!
The Symposium will conclude with a roundtable discussion panel bringing together
the work of these three scholars.

All times listed are in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). Convert to your local time:

See the full program at

Wednesday, March 23, 2022- Presentation List

- Keynote presentation: Towards Marine Justice: Indigenous Pacific Island
Ecologies and the Right to Nature, Olivia Quintanilla
- Nos Cambió La Vida/Our Lives Transformed: Stories of Statelessness
- The Citing Slavery Project: Reckoning with the Law of Slavery and Its Legacy
- Nos Cambió La Vida/Our Lives Transformed: Stories of Statelessness
- “The Woods” – A Collaborative Augmented Reality Game – Kyoung Lee Swearingen
and Scott Swearingen
- Interactive Exploratory Analysis for DH Trends – Manuel Cebral-Loureda
- Multi-dimensional Image Smart System – Unleash the value of images – Tao Chen
- Quanzhou: the maritime trade network centre from 10th to 14th century in the
world – Shaojian Li and Hongxia Xu
- The Construction of Collective Identities in Social Networks – Alejandro
- Sustainable and Extensible Cultural Heritage Access in Virtual Reality:
Experiencing a Renaissance Manuscript – Sabina Zonno
- Digital Film Screening in Remote Areas of Southwest China: A Study Based on
Field and Digital Humanities – Zenan Pu and Zitong Zhu
- Black Lives Matter Murals: Slow Looking with the BLM Murals from Downtown
Raleigh, NC – Kelsey Virginia Dufresne
- Hazine: For Researchers of the Diverse Islamic Worlds – Heather Hughes, N.A.
Mansour, Shabbir Abbas, and Marwa Gadallah
- Keynote presentation: Seeing the utan (forest) for the orang (people): a
decolonial Indigenous approach to orangutan conservation, June Rubis

Thursday, March 24, 2022 - Presentation List

- Keynote presentation: Industry, Postcolony, and the Immersive Arts of
Environmental Storytelling, Hanna Musiol
- MI Diaries: Starting a Community-Engaged DH Project during a Global Pandemic –
Betsy Sneller and Suzanne Wagner
- Digital Humanities Core Values Navigated in Global Pandemic Pedagogy – Najla
- The Digital Humboldt Project “in quarantine”: The challenges of digitising a
German-Cuban collection in times of pandemic – Antonio Rojas Castro
- Análisis comparativo digital de obras de arte indígena – Daniel Castillo
- Recognizing Sounds and Aural Patterns in Ancient Chinese Texts: An Approach to
Problems of Logographic Writing Systems – Gian Duri Rominger
- Ética,un límite y un potenciador de la Inteligencia Artificial: una
recomendación en el contexto del COVID-19 – Barbara Guadalupe Gaspar Gaona
- An African Anthropocene Image Atlas – Amanda du Preez
- Exilio 36-39: Mapping Exile Memory – Melanie Forehand
- Learn-STATIC: Expanding the Potential of Digital Humanities Pedagogy With
Static Web Technologies – Olivia Wikle (Presenting), Evan Peter Williamson,
Gabriele Hayden, Kate Thornhill
- Digital Storytelling and Knowledge Service of Academic Celebrities’
Characteristic Resources from the Perspective of Digital Humanities – Huilin Liu
(Presenting), Li Niu, Jingyi Zeng, Lichao Liu
- Pauliceia 2.0 – Collaborative Mapping of the History of São Paulo (1870-1940)
An experiment of open science in digital humanities – Andrew Britt and Luís
- Intersectional issues in digital mapping: The (De)colonial Memory Project and
colonial monuments in Puerto Rico – Rafael Capó García and Sofía Martínez Rivera
- A Geography of Terror and Repression – Jennifer Ross
- Walking the Archive of District Six: Memory, Augmented Reality, and Counter-
Surveying – David A. Wallace and Siddique Motala

Friday, March 25, 2022 - Presentation List

- Missing the Digital: Infrastructures in India – Maya Dodd
- Building Multilingual Internets – Puthiya Purayil Sneha
- Translating Tech: Urdu Social Media Discourse and the Question of Secularism
for Postcolonial Digital Humanities – Max Johnson Dugan and Elliot Montpellier
- Humanidades transdisciplinares en la UniverCiudad: el caso del grado en
Humanidades Digitales Globales de Mondragon Unibertsitatea – Aitor Zuberogoitia
and Beñat Flores
- Cistern: a Database of Geographical Knowledge in the Ottoman World – Merve
Tekgürler, Adrien Zakar, Isin Taylan, Umar Patel, Jayna Huang
- Edición de textos y cuestión idiomática: impresiones de un primer acercamiento
a las Humanidades Digitales – María Agustina Ryckeboer
- Defining the Transnational through Anti-colonial Digital Humanities Pedagogy –
Ashley Caranto Morford, Kush Patel, and Arun Jacob
- Environmental Justice, Indigenous Futures, and Digital Humanities: A
Discussion Among the Keynote Presenters

Kristen Mapes
Assistant Director of Digital Humanities, College of Arts & Letters
Michigan State University
East Lansing MI

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