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Humanist Archives: May 28, 2021, 6:19 a.m. Humanist 35.48 - Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships (Leeds)

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        Date: 2021-05-27 16:08:52+00:00
        From: Adrian Wilson <A.F.Wilson@LEEDS.AC.UK>
        Subject: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Fellowships at University of Leeds

Dear all,

The School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science (PRHS) at the
University of Leeds encourages expressions of interest from researchers
working in the School’s disciplines in having a Marie Skłodowska-Curie
European Postdoctoral Fellowship hosted by the School. The official
funding call is expected to be launched on 22 June 2021 and close on 15
September 2021. The eligibility conditions below reflect our best
current understanding, but are subject to correction; see

PRHS is a vibrant and exciting intellectual community comprising roughly
40 permanent academic research staff and 85 graduate students in
addition to numerous postdoctoral, research, and teaching staff. PRHS
has a strong track record with the predecessor scheme (Horizon2020 Marie
Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships).

Duration and funds: Fellowships may last between 12-24 months, and
provide an allowance to cover your living, travel, and family costs.

Eligibility: Applicants must have a maximum of eight years experience in
research, from the date of the award of their PhD degree. (Years of
experience outside research and career breaks will not count; nor will
years of experience in research in third countries for nationals or
long-term residents of EU Member States or Horizon Europe Associated
Countries who wish to reintegrate to Europe.) Researchers of any
nationality can apply. To be eligible to apply to hold one of these
fellowships at Leeds you also should not have lived or worked in UK for
more than 12 months during the three years up to the closing date of the

For your project to be hosted by PRHS, your research must be in
philosophy, theology and religious studies, or history and/or philosophy
of science. Those intending to submit an expression of interest must
contact Dr Thomas Brouwer ( in
advance to ensure that the proposed research fits the supervisory
expertise available in Leeds. All other queries should also be sent to
this address.

Expressions of interest in having a Marie Curie fellowship hosted at
Leeds should be submitted by emailing Isobel Lister
( by 12 noon (UK time) on Monday 21 June 
2021 with (1) a detailed CV, and (2) a proposal of no more than 2 pages 
outlining the following:

- Introduction, state-of-the-art/research context, specific research
objectives, and an overview of the proposed research project.
- Research methodology and approach: highlight the type of
research/innovation activities proposed.
- Originality and innovative aspects of the research programme: explain
the contribution that the action (i.e. the research and/or innovation
activities) is expected to make to advancements within your field.
Describe any novel concepts, approaches, or methods that will be
- Interdisciplinary aspects (if relevant).

To prepare their full applications for submission by the September 2021
call deadline, applicants with successful expressions of interest will
receive significant guidance during July-August 2021 using our
successful model applications and focused support for grant application

Dr Adrian Wilson
Senior Lecturer in History of Medicine
School of Philosophy, Religion and History of Science
University of Leeds
Leeds LS2 9JT / UK
[in normal times:] 0113-343-3261
And see  for the blog of 
the /Centre for the History & Philosophy of Science/

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