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    [1]    From: Alan Liu <>
           Subject: "Generative AI" paper and talk by Alexandre Gefen (with responses by Fabian Offert and Rita Raley), Feb. 1, 2022 (76)

    [2]    From: Franz FISCHER <>
           Subject: Seminars in Digital and Public Humanities (Venice) (49)

        Date: 2022-01-20 06:51:30+00:00
        From: Alan Liu <>
        Subject: "Generative AI" paper and talk by Alexandre Gefen (with responses by Fabian Offert and Rita Raley), Feb. 1, 2022

Tuesday, February 1, 2022, 3:30-5:00 (U.S. Pacific time)
Transcriptions Center (South Hall 2509), or attend through Zoom
Open to all


At this hybrid in-person and virtual event (open to all) on "Generative
AI," Alexandre Gefen will be present in person to discuss his
pre-circulated paper on "AI: a Deep History," followed by responses by
Professors Fabian Offert (Germanic & Slavic Studies, UC Santa Barbara)
and Rita Raley (English, UC Santa Barbara).

Alexandre Gefen – Director of Research at the French CNRS (National
Center for Scientific Research) Theory and History of Modern Art and
Literature Unit UMR7172, THALIM, CNRS / Université Sorbonne Nouvelle -
Paris 3) – is a historian of ideas and literature. He is the author of
numerous articles and essays on culture, contemporary literature and
literary theory. Founder of, he was one of the pioneers of
Digital Humanities in France. He discovered the uses of AI for research
(word vectors, topic modeling) at the Stanford Literary Lab as part of
the project "For an empirical history of literature", Transatlantic
program for collaborative work in the field of digital humanities, which
he co-sponsored with Franco Moretti (FMSH Paris-Fellon Foundation).
Following on his directorship of  a research program devoted to the
fictions of Artificial Intelligence (, he is now the principal 
investigator of the ANR project "CulturIA, for a cultural history of AI".

The event is organized by the Comparative Literature Program and the
English Department's Transcriptions Center at UC Santa Barbara. It is
open to all, and can be attended in person or through Zoom (see below).


"AI: a Deep History" – By Alexandre Gefen (pre-circulated by request or
through event registration; see below)

Abstract: Artificial Intelligence must be considered as a total cultural
question and not only as a technological advance. This is a project of
the CulturIA team funded by the French National Research Agency that I
launched in January. In this presentation, I will show that it is
particularly necessary to address the long history of AI, exploring both
the complex advance of science and the myths and fictions of AI, which
go back to the most remote antiquity.
Respondents: Fabian Offert and Rita Raley (,


The Generative AI event will take place in the Transcriptions Center,
South Hall 2509, on Tuesday Feb. 1, 2022, with Alexandre physically
present. In awareness that on that date the UCSB campus will be
transitioning back from remote activities to in-person instruction and
other events, we also welcome participation by campus and worldwide
participants through a simultaneous, real-time Zoom meeting (advance
registration required). The audience may thus choose to attend in person
or online.

To receive a copy of Alexandre Gefen's pre-circulated paper, please take
one of the following steps depending on whether you plan to be at the
event in person or through Zoom:

* For in-person participants: please send a request by email directly to <> (with a cc: to

* For Zoom participants: please register for the simultaneous, real-time
Zoom meeting. Once approved by the event organizers (there may be a
delay), you will receive an email with instructions for joining the Zoom
and also a passcode (look for the passcode at the bottom of the email).
The event organizers will also send you a copy of Alexandre Gefen's
pre-circulated paper.

Register for the Zoom meeting here:

        Date: 2022-01-19 12:15:40+00:00
        From: Franz FISCHER <>
        Subject: Seminars in Digital and Public Humanities (Venice)

Dear digital humanist,

Please find below the programme of the spring cycle seminars in Digital and
Public Humanities.

All the seminars will be held both in Venice in presence and online,
5.00-6:30 p.m. (Venetian time/CET).
Details and registration are available here:

On behalf of the Venice Centre for Digital and Public Humanities
Franz Fischer

26 January 2022, Ca’ Dolfin, Room Silvio Trentin
Ioannis Pavlopoulos (Ca’ Foscari - Stockholms Universitet)
"Natural Language Processing for the Digital Humanities: Focusing on Art
History and the Homeric Question"

9 February 2022, Ca’ Foscari Zattere, Room Tesa 1
Tiago Luís Gil (Ca’ Foscari - Universidade de Brasília)
"GIS and Historical Digital Atlases"

30 March 2022, Ca’ Foscari Zattere, Room Tesa 1
Jean-Baptiste Camps (Ca’ Foscari - École nationale des chartes)
"Data-Centric Models for Digital Critical Editions"

27 April 2022, Ca’ Dolfin, Room Silvio Trentin
Barbara McGillivaray (King's College London)
"Computational Methods for Tracing Word Meaning Across Time"

11 May 2022, Ca’ Dolfin, Room Silvio Trentin
Lisa Dieckmann (Universität zu Köln)
"Modeling and Visualizing of Dynamic Reception-Aesthetic Concepts of
Italian Renaissance Palazzi"


Franz Fischer
Direttore, Venice Centre for Digital & Public Humanities (VeDPH)
Dipartimento di Studi Umanistici
Università Ca' Foscari
Palazzo Malcanton Marcorà
Dorsoduro 3484/D - 30123 Venezia

Tel.: +39 041 234 6266 (ufficio), +39 041 234 9863 (segreteria del centro)

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