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        Date: 2022-01-11 22:27:22+00:00
        From: Kyle Roberts <>
        Subject: CFP: "Open Data: Reuse, Redistribution, and Risk," June 2-3, 2022

The American Philosophical Society’s Library & Museum invites scholars in
all fields to submit paper proposals for a daylong interdisciplinary
symposium that will explore the opportunities and challenges of open data
and digital humanities. As institutions have made datasets accessible for
re-use, remixing, and redistribution, individuals have been able to produce
new useful knowledge beyond restrictions or control. Classrooms and Digital
Humanities projects have created powerful visualizations and complex
analyses which shed new light on important historic and contemporary
issues. Yet the increasing availability of these sources has raised
important questions about intellectual property, attribution, labor, and
data sovereignty.

The symposium is inspired by the Open Data Initiative 
( of the Center for Digital Scholarship at
the American Philosophical Society. This initiative has created freely
accessible datasets ( from
the APS’s Library & Museum holdings, including the Eastern State
Penitentiary Records of Admissions, 1838-1850; Benjamin Franklin's Ledgers;
Records of Indentures and Apprenticeships in the Port of Philadelphia,
1771-1773; Benjamin Franklin's Accounts; and James Madison's Montpelier
Meteorological Records, 1784-1793, as well as various digital humanities
projects derived from this data. See more here 

The APS’s Library & Museum invites innovative proposals from scholars for
this symposium. Potential topics include (but are not limited to):

   - Historical perspectives on the use and access to data;
   - Papers that explore the opportunities and challenges of different
   types of data, including the ways in which scholars from all fields are
   using open data and applying its insights as well as the misuse and
   manipulation of open data;
   - The relationship between open data and intellectual property rights,
   copyright, licenses, and other use-restrictions;
   - Privacy, sovereignty, and open data;
   - Data ethics;
   - Social implications of automation and data-centered technologies;
   - Labor practices and open data;
   - New technologies and tools, such as artificial intelligence, linked
   open data, and machine learn
   - New scholarship derived from open data;
   - The ability for open data and the digital humanities to uncover
   marginalized voices;
   - Sustainability.

Application Instructions

Applicants should submit a title and a 250-word proposal along with a C.V.
by January 21, 2022 via Interfolio.

Decisions will be made by February 2022.

The symposium will be held in-person June 2-3, 2022. All presenters will
receive travel subsidies and hotel accommodations. Accepted papers will be
due a month before the conference and pre-circulated to registered
attendees. Papers should be no longer than 15-double spaced pages.
Presenters may also have the opportunity to publish revised papers in the
APS’s Transactions, one of the longest running scholarly journals in

For more information, visit, or contact Adrianna
Link, Head of Scholarly Programs, at

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