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        Subject: Trails of Tapes & Touring Trails


For some reason I was moved to take down from the shelf the bound copy of my
dissertation from 1996 (Curious no doubt to refresh my memory of the examiners
reports which are tucked in the bound volume.)

The examiners express a little dismay at the selection of corpus and lack of
explicit justification for the choices. I think in retrospect they are
struggling with a photo-queer theory text and its celebrations of promiscuity
and promised acuity.

In any event, one of them highlighted a particular paragraph that might
contribute to discussions of Turing’s legacy:

This is not a new way of being in the world.  There are precursors. Andrew
Hodges, about Alan Turing, has written that his "was a materialist view of mind,
but one that did not confuse logical patterns and relations with physical
substances and things, as so often people did." (Engima of Intelligence 291 ).
Turing was an atheist. He was also a mathematician and homosexual.  A story
could be told of how this combination of ways of being in the world affected and
shaped his world outlook, contributed to his refusal to reify logical patterns
into empirical constructs.

p. 6 in the hard copy

Hypetext version : Axioms 0.3

As polemical as this intervention may seem now, in 1996 it was a calculated risk
to take in academic discourse, a risk many of us were taking and daring each
other to take.


François Lachance, Ph.d.

living in the beginning of the long 22nd century; sequencing the  "future


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