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        Date: 2022-01-05 13:59:10+00:00
        From: Richard Raiswell <rraiswell@UPEI.CA>
        Subject: CFP: Scientiae 2022 (Montreal)


Early Modern Knowledge

1-4 June 2022
McGill University
Montreal, Canada

Proposals are invited for the tenth annual Scientiae Conference on
disciplines of knowing in the early modern world (roughly 1400-1800),
which will take place at McGill University, 1-4 June 2022.

Scientiae is an international research group that investigates the
variety of ways people of the Renaissance and early modern periods
understood the world and the implications this knowledge held for them.
This is the period that saw the development of academic disciplines, but
the formation of these disciplines was an interdisciplinary process that
drew upon developments in many other fields of scholarly endeavour,
including biblical exegesis, art theory, history and literary humanism,
as well as natural philosophy, alchemy, occult practices, and trade

Scientiae 2022 will feature plenary addresses by Jennifer Rampling
(Princeton University) and Paul Yachnin (McGill University), as well
as a plenary panel entitled “New Worlds and Knowledge Making” featuring
Jaime Marroquín (Western Oregon University), Simon Kow (King's College,
Halifax), Djoeke Van Netten (University of Amsterdam) and Carolyn
Podruchny (York University).

Proposals are invited for individual papers (20-25 minutes), complete
panels, workshops and seminars on any field of intellectual endeavour
from the period 1400 to 1800.

The Programme Committee welcomes panel-proposals from any disciplinary
perspective, yet we would like to encourage submissions that seek to
examine modes of early modern knowledge formation and application that
cross traditional disciplinary, national, geographic, linguistic or
intellectual borders. The conference is interdisciplinary and the
sessions should foster discussion transcending the disciplinary scope.

This year, Scientiae would especially like to encourage proposals that
address knowledge production and exchange in colonial environments.

Individual papers should include a 250-word abstract and a 1-page CV.

Proposals for panels, debates, roundtables or workshops should contain a
single 250-word description of the theme under discussion, along with a
100-word outline per participant. A short abstract and cv from each
participant. Please submit your proposals via this Google form

The deadline for submission is 15 January 2022.

For more information please contact the

For more on Scientiae, please see:

Please forward

Dr. Richard Raiswell
Dept. of History,
Univ. of PEI
550 University Ave.,
Charlottetown, PEI
C1A 4P3

Fellow, Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies,
Victoria University in the Univ. of Toronto.

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