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        Date: 2021-12-13 19:12:07+00:00
        From: Henry Schaffer <>
        Subject: path(s) to graduate degrees

Most enter grad school directly from a Bachelor's degree. Today I
participated in a Ph. D. final oral exam (thesis defense) in a STEM area.
The student mentioned working for a couple of years as a lab tech before
going on to grad work in the same area.

I discussed with the rest of  the grad committee my experience with our
engineering "co-op" program and internships in many fields - almost all (or
all?) STEM. The committee chair mentioned that her grad students who
entered after working for a while tended to do better.

How common are co-op/internship programs in DH fields? Is this something
which should be fostered?

P.S. My son did a couple of these in engineering - and those experiences
greatly helped in setting him on a terrific career path.

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