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        Date: 2021-12-06 21:04:03+00:00
        From:  Sarah McDaid <mcdaidse@GMAIL.COM>
        Subject: EVA 2022 Florence: call for papers

Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts ‘The Foremost European Electronic
Imaging Events in the Visual Arts’

EVA 2022 Florence - call for papers
Deadline: 20 January 2022

Palazzo del Pegaso, Regional Council of Tuscany, Florence
6 June 2022

Main Topics

* European Commission Projects and Plans regarding Cultural Heritage
* 2D – 3D Digital Image Acquisition
* Leading Edge Applications: Galleries, Libraries, Archaeological Sites,
Museums & Historical Tours
* Integrated Digital Archives for Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Art
* Management of Museums by using ICT Technology: Documentation, Access,
Guides & Other Services
* Cloud Networks
* Semantic Webs
* Ontology Systems
* Human - Computer Interaction for Cultural Heritage Applications
* Creative Enterprises
* Copyright Protection
* Secure Electronic Commerce (Anticounterfeiting)
* Cybersecurity
* Culture and e-government
* Activities and Programmes for e-learning
* Digital TV and films
* 3D Developments and Applications in the Cultural Heritage Area
* Augmented Virtual Reality for Culture
* Virtual Galleries and Exhibitions
* Digital Art
* Digital Music
* Digital Theatre
* Cultural Tourism & Travel Applications
* Impact of Culture in the Smart City
* Art and Medicine
* Climate Change
* Environment Protection
* COVID 19 Pandemic

EVA 2022 Florence Organizer: Vito Cappellini

Vito Cappellini -
Enrico Del Re -

Cooperation with the Advisory Board and the Technical Committee

Cooperation with Regional Council of Tuscany: Rosanna Romellano

Offers of Papers (2 pages Summary or more extensive form) are to be sent
to the Organizer by 20 January 2022

Who Should Attend Who Should Attend
- The Cultural Sector - The Government Sector - Media & Related Sectors
- The ICT Industry, especially multimedia SME’s - Tourism & Travel
Sector - Technology & Visual Arts Research Organisations - Trade Culture

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