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        Date: 2021-11-17 12:32:56+00:00
        From: Tom Elliott <tom.elliott@NYU.EDU>
        Subject: Registration Open for Online Workshop "Digital Data in the Service of Cultural Heritage", November 24th and 25th

The Estonian Maritime Museum and Tallinn University are pleased to
invite scholars and those interested in the fields of heritage, culture,
history, and digital humanities to the workshop “Digital Data in the
Service of Cultural Heritage”, taking place on 24-25 November 2021 in
Tallinn, Estonia and broadcast online. The workshop will feature two
keynote lectures, nine research presentations, a practical digital
skills workshop, and a historical data “hackathon”.

Two scholars have been invited to deliver keynote lectures. On the 24th
of November, Pat Tanner (Traditional Boats of Ireland Project) will
focus on the use of data capture for digital reconstructions. On the
25th of November, Maximillian Schich (CUDAN Open Lab, Tallinn
University) will discuss cultural data analytics in the context of the

Research presentations will be made on the first day of the workshop.
Nine scholars will present on various aspects of analysing, managing,
and using digital data to study and maintain cultural heritage in
different environments. The schedule of talks is available here:

The second day of the workshop is organized by Andres Karjus (Tallinn
University). It starts with a beginner-friendly practical lesson to
provide participants with a common (programming) language, which they
will then apply to historical data provided for the workshop “hackathon”.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the workshop is entirely online.
All the talks will be broadcasted online, allowing for questions and
comments from the live as well as the online audience. The second day
hackathon requires registration because spots will be limited: to apply,
please fill in the registration form.

Please register for the workshop here:

Feel free to contact me directly with any questions at

Kind regards,

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