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        Date: 2021-05-21 08:00:45+00:00
        From: Ernesto Priego <>
        Subject: Comics Grid CFPs; next webinar

Dear Willard,

With best wishes, sharing a quick update from the Comics Grid thay may be
of interest to some in the Humanist community.

Three Calls for Papers:

1. Call for Rapid Responses: Comics in and of The Moment
Editors: Jeanette D’Arcy and Kay Sohini
Deadline for abstracts of up to 500 words: June 15, 2021
Full info at:

2. Call for Papers: Translation, Remediation, Spread: The Global
Circulation of Comics in Digital Distribution
Editors: Jonathan Evans, Kathleen Dunley, and Ernesto Priego
Deadline for submissions (full papers):  June 30, 2021
Full info at

3.  Call for Papers: Conjuring a New Normal: Monstrous Routines and Mundane
Horrors in Pandemic Lives and Dreamscapes
Ediors: Alexandra Alberda, Anna Feigenbaum, and Julia Round
Deadline (full papers): April 1, 2022
Full info at

Our Next Webinar:

The Comics Grid Webinar Series - Live Chats on Comics Scholarship

Graphic Science and Narrative Drawing: A Comics Grid Webinar with Lydia
Wysocki and Paul Fisher Davies

Date:  Tuesday June 1, 2021.

Time: 4-5pm BST. Check your timezone here

Registration: Free. Full info at

On this third webinar co-hosted by Paula Clemente Vega (Open Library of
Humanities) and Dr Nicolas Labarre (editor of *The Comics Grid's* Graphic
Science Special Collection; Université Bordeaux Montaigne) panelists Lydia
Wysocki (Newcastle University) and Dr Paul Fisher Davies (East Sussex
College) will discuss the following *Comics Grid* articles:

• Wysocki L., (2018) “Farting Jellyfish and Synergistic Opportunities: The
Story and Evaluation of Newcastle Science Comic”, The Comics Grid: Journal
of Comics Scholarship 8(0). p.6. doi:

• Davies P., (2018) “Enacting Graphic Mark-Making: A Review of A Theory of
Narrative Drawing”, The Comics Grid: Journal of Comics Scholarship 8(0).
p.7. doi:


Lydia Wysocki is an educational researcher at Newcastle University, using
sociocultural theory to explore how what people read influences how they
understand the social world. She founded and leads Applied Comics Etc,
working with subject specialists and comics artist-writers to make comics
that communicate specific information.

Dr Paul Fisher Davies gained his Ph.D. in 2017 in the school of English at
University of Sussex. His monograph *Comics as Communication: A Functional
Approach* was published by Palgrave in December 2019. He has published in
Studies in *Comics, the Journal of Graphic Novels and Comics*, and *The
Comics Grid* amongst others, including academic work in comics form. He
currently teaches English Language at East Sussex College in Lewes, UK. As
well as studying and writing about graphic narrative form, he has written a
collection of graphic short stories, with previews archived at

Hosts: Paula Clemente Vega (Open Library of Humanities) and Dr Nicolas
Labarre (editor of *The Comics Grid's *Graphic Science Special Collection;
Université Bordeaux Montaigne).

*The Comics Grid* Webinar Series offers an online opportunity to chat live
with authors about their articles published recently in the journal. Each
episode focuses on two articles whose potential thematic and/or
methodological interconnections can be explored and contrasted in order to
stimulate scholarly discussion, collective learning and further research.
You can watch the previous two webinars of the series, here


Dr Ernesto Priego

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