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        Date: 2021-11-11 20:21:39+00:00
        From: Nathalie Gontier <nlgontier@FC.UL.PT>
        Subject: AppEEL Webinar #11, Nov 19th - Fabio Paglieri, Lorenzo Magnani, Selene Arfini, Bárbara Jiménez Pazos. In collaboration with the Computational Philosophy Laboratory

AppEEL Webinar #11 - Fabio Paglieri, Lorenzo Magnani, Selene Arfini,
Bárbara Jiménez Pazos. --

Join us on November 19th @ 17h00 Lisbon time for AppEEL Webinar #11.
Held in collaboration with the Computational Philosophy Laboratory, we
will continue to feature papers from the special issue on Language &
Worldviews that we are editing for Topoi. The program includes:

* An introductory talk to the issue by Fabio Paglieri, Editor-in-Chief
of Topoi; and talks by * Lorenzo Magnani on Cognitive Niche Construction
and Moral Bubbles; * Selene Arfini on Language: The "Ultimate Artifact"
to Build, Develop, and Update Worldviews; and * Bárbara Jiménez Pazos on
Darwin Puzzled? A Computer-assisted Analysis of Language in the Origin
of Species. More info can be found here
AppEEL Webinars are organized by Selene Arfini, Francesco Balzan, Elena
Chebotareva, Antonio Fadda,  JT Velikovsky & Nathalie Gontier,
facilitated by the Colibri FCT/FCCN 2021 Zoom Platform, and sponsored
through grant DL57/2016/CP1479/CT0066 offered by the Faculty of Science
of the University of Lisbon and subsidized by the FCT - Fundação para a
Ciência e a Tecnologia.

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