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        Date: 2021-10-29 21:30:54+00:00
        From: <>
        Subject: Bibliodiversity: DH Flora and Fauna


I have found  that Academic Twitter is often a springboard for reflection. One
finds good pointers for keywords that lead to great interdisciplinary
connections. For example, recently, Jason Boyd reported on a session at his home
institution that was hosted by the library in the cadre of Open Access Week.

At  @ryersonlibrary session on the university’s new knowledge mobilization
platform, part of Open Access Week. Introduced to the concept of bibliodiversity
in scholarly communication [1]

What appears to be on the surface a routine report on the intramural happenings
at one particular institution becomes when shared in the wild an opportunity of
others beyond its walls to ponder the term “bibliodiversity”.

One clever wag appended a short taxonomy: “Raptor translators. Omnivore
commentators. Herbivore annotators.” and then dispatched a post to Humanist to
ask: What genres in the digital humanities ecosystem are prevalent today? Which
have become extinct? Is genre a suitable concept for tracking the evolution of
the field?


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François Lachance
Wannabe Professor of Theoretical and Applied Rhetoric

to think is often to sort, to store and to shuffle: humble, embodied tasks

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