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        Date: 2021-10-06 15:11:04+00:00
        From: Willard McCarty <>
        Subject: Video: The Birth of the Internet Archive

[From:   Internet Archive <>]

Video: The Birth of the Internet Archive
Filmed in 1996, this video of Brewster Kahle sharing his vision still
resonates today. Take a look at the origins of our worldwide digital


25 years ago, the entire World Wide Web was only 2.5 terabytes in size.
Most connections were dial-up, important records were stored on tape,
and a young engineer named Brewster Kahle was working on a revolutionary
project—a way to archive the growing Internet.

Filmed by Marc Weber for the Web History Project, this video
showcases the Internet Archive’s very first web crawl in 1996. In 2001,
the project was made accessible to the public through the Wayback
Today, the Internet Archive is home to more than 588 billion web pages,
as well as 28 million books and texts, 14 million audio items, and
580,000 software titles, making us one of the world’s largest digital

As the Internet Archive approaches our 25th anniversary, let’s take a look 
at the hardware and high hopes that drove the project from the very 
beginning—and hear from the man whose vision made it all possible.


Thanks for being a part of our journey, and enjoy the archive!

-The Internet Archive Team

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