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        Date: 2021-09-14 20:25:14+00:00
        From: Elli Bleeker <>
        Subject: Publication: Variants 15-16

Dear colleagues,

We are happy to inform you of the publication of Variants 15-16, the latest
issue of the journal of the European Society for Textual Scholarship.

This double issue offers a stimulating overview of the field of textual
scholarship in the 21st century. Topics include the findings of stemmatological
analysis of manuscript histories, and the genetic analysis of born-digital
materials and how to visualise this type of research. No less than three essays
discuss various forms of editorial challenges and interventions, from opera
texts to Polish émigré writers and the ever-changing work of the poet Maironis.
Several contributions explore the potential of digital scholarly editions for
addressing a new readership, via social media, interface design, and the partial
translation of historical texts. And, as always, the issue’s review section
presents insightful discussions of seminal works in the field.

The issue is available Open Access via
(, where you can also freely
download the PDFs of each of the contributions.

Happy reading!

On behalf of the editorial team,

Wout Dillen, general editor
Elli Bleeker, associate editor
Laura Esteban Segura, guest editor
Stefano Rosignoli, review editor



Lamyk Bekius, "The Reconstruction of the Author’s Movement Through the Text, or
How to Encode Keystroke Logged Writing Processes in TEI-XML";
Dirk Van Hulle, "Creative Concurrence. Gearing Genetic Criticism for the
Sociology of Writing";
Ronald Broude, "Creators' Intentions and the Realities of Performance: Some
Exemplary Editorial Problems from the Savoy Operas";
Paulius V. Subačius, "On the Threshold of Editorship. Or From Collection to
Dariusz Pachoki, "Does the Editor Know Better? The Editorial Vicissitudes of the
20th Century Polish writers";
Anthony Lappin, "From Christ the Saviour to God the Father: Adjustments to
Forgiveness in Donne’s Short Poem, 'Wilt thou forgive. . . ‘";
Mark Bland, "Some Answer Poems and their Manuscript History: Jonson, Herrick,
and the Circulation of Verse”;
Anne Baillot and Anna Busch, "Editing for Man and Machine. Digital Scholarly
Editions and their Users”.

Work in Progress

Hugo Maat, "Restricted Translation of Historical Dutch Text";
Michelle Doran, "Reflections on Digital Scholarly Editions: From Humanities
Computing to Digital Humanities, the Influence of Web 2.0, and the Impact of the
Editorial Process";
Dirk Van Hulle, "Dynamic Facsimiles: Note on the Transcription of Born-Digital
Works for Genetic Criticism”.

Review Essays

Stefano Rosignoli, "Tracing 'Auto(bio)graphy' in 'Three Novels' by Samuel
Beckett: A Review Essay".

Book Reviews

Christian Baier, "Thomas Mann, Joseph und seine Brüder. Text und Kommentar";
Manuela Bertone, "Carlo Emilio Gadda, Quer pasticciaccio brutto de via Merulana"
Jonas Rosenbrück, "Walter Benjamin, Berliner Chronik / Berliner Kindheit um
Barbara Cooke, "Peter Shillingsburg, Textuality and Knowledge: Essays";
Hans Walter Gabler, "Paul Eggert, The Work and the Reader in Literary Studies:
Scholarly Editing and Book History”.

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