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        Date: 2021-09-14 06:00:16+00:00
        From: Jeffrey Yost <>
        Subject: New Book Series at Johns Hopkins University Press, Studies in Computing and Culture

New Book Series at Johns Hopkins University Press

Studies in Computing and Culture

Series Editors: 

Jeffrey R. Yost, CBI Director and Research Professor of History of
Science and Technology, University of Minnesota

Gerardo Con Diaz, Associate Professor of Science and Technology
Studies, University of California, Davis

Series Editorial Board:

Héctor Beltrán, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Massachusetts
Institute of Technology

Ruha Benjamin, Professor of African American Studies, Princeton

Lilly Irani, Associate Professor of Communication, Science Studies,
Computer Science, and Critical Gender Studies, University of
California, San Diego

Meg Leta Jones, Associate Professor of Communication, Technology,
and Culture, Georgetown University

Ya-Wen Lei, Associate Professor of Sociology, Harvard University

Eden Medina, Associate Professor of Science, Technology, and
Society, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mai Sugimoto, Associate Professor of Sociology, Kansai University

This series publishes works on the relationships among digital
technology, political economies, and sociocultural systems. We seek
interdisciplinary scholarship that speaks to how computing,
information, and data cultures change over time and how our digital
present and future relate to the long arc of social, political,
cultural, economic, legal, or environmental change. We welcome all
chronologies and geographies. The series will help students, scholars,
and the public gain historical and contemporary perspectives to
understand how and why digital technology continues to transform every
aspect of our daily lives.

"Injustice wears the same harsh face wherever it shows
itself." -Ralph Ellison

Jeffrey R. Yost, Ph.D.
Director, Charles Babbage Institute
Research Professor, Program in the History of Science, Technology, and

Founder and Co-Editor (w/ Amanda Wick),
Interfaces: Essays and Reviews in Computing and Culture

222  21st Avenue South
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN 55455
612 624 5050 Phone
612 625 8054 Fax

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