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        Date: 2021-09-02 14:39:53+00:00
        From: Sara Mansutti <>
        Subject: Job: Post Doc in Digital Humanities and Platform Development

Dear all,

The EURONEWS initiative, funded by the Irish Research Council and hosted by
University College Cork, is looking for a postdoc to work for a year on a
platform collecting images and transcriptions of early modern handwritten

The successful candidate will be responsible for helping to put the final
touches on the EURONEWS platform, designed for collecting the data from
archival study and transcriptions now being completed by the other members
of the team. The most urgent task at the moment is to maintain and
syncronize two databases, as well as help build a research platform for the
EURONEWS project, to manage and analyze content drawn from archival
documents in the Florence State Archive and elsewhere. The Florence-based
Medici Archive Project MIA interface (MAP) operates a CMS containing
thousands of text files, including many created by EURONEWS, marked up with
links to some 40 tables (images and text); a portion of this data will be
synchronized with the EURONEWS project platform (ENP).  For the ENP an XML
compiler is also envisioned. On site presence not a requirement.

Further details:

Please get in touch with Prof. Brendan Dooley ( if you
would like to have more information about the role.

Kind regards,
Sara Mansutti

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