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        Date: 2021-09-02 21:56:43+00:00
        From: Dubnicek, Ryan C <>
        Subject: Fall 2021 HTRC workshop registration now open


Registration is now open for fall 2021 virtual HathiTrust Research Center (HTRC)
workshops. This term we are offering 2 series of workshops. Each series will be
offering the same core of 3 workshop events--an intro to HathiTrust data and
HTRC, and focused workshops on the HTRC Extracted Features Dataset and Data
Capsule, respectively--with an additional librarian-centric workshop on
supporting text and data mining from the library in Series 2.

If you know others who may be interested in this series, feel free to share this
email/info broadly! You do not need to be affiliated with a HathiTrust member
institution to attend.

Series 1: 10-12 ET  on Sept. 27, Oct. 12 & Oct. 26:

Series 2: 3-5 ET on Nov. 10, Nov. 17, Dec. 1 & Dec. 8:

Workshop Description
This virtual workshop series will introduce attendees to the tools and services
of HTRC. Each workshop, taking place on a different day, will address a
different aspect of text and data mining using HathiTrust data and HTRC
services. Attendees are not required to attend all workshops in a series, and
can pick and choose the events that best match their interests and schedules.
For someone totally new to text mining and to HathiTrust, it is recommended to
attend the introductory session. Librarians who attend all 4 unique workshops
will have the option to join the cohort of HTRC trainers from past workshop
series, which provides access to a community list and additional training
opportunities ( ).

We look forward to seeing you in workshops, and let us know (via htrc-<>) if you have any questions!



Ryan Dubnicek (he/him)
Digital Humanities Specialist
HathiTrust Research Center
School of Information Sciences
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
307 iSchool, MC-493
501 E. Daniel Street | Champaign, IL 61820<>

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