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        Date: 2021-08-17 06:16:35+00:00
        From: DHNetwork <>
        Subject: Announcing inaugural CDHI graduate fellows at University of Toronto

Dear Colleagues,

The University of Toronto’s Critical Digital Humanities Initiative
[] (CDHI) welcomes its inaugural cohort of
graduate student fellows! Eight Graduate Fellowships in Critical Digital
Humanities have been awarded to an interdisciplinary cohort of
University of Toronto PhD students representing a range of disciplines
across the divisions, including University of Toronto Scarborough
(UTSC), University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM), the Faculty of Arts &
Science (FAS), and the Faculty of Information. Though their research
varies widely, each project aligns with the CDHI’s focus on forging a
new paradigm of critical humanities scholarship emphasizing questions of
power, social justice, and critical theory.

The fellows will form a community of practice and will contribute to the
broader CDHI community by participating in events, such as 
the CDHI annual conference
Lightening Lunches [],
and praxis workshops

Our new fellows are Carina Emilia Guzmán, Mariam Karim, Andrew Kaufman, 
Tracey O’Brien, Tia Sager, Taylor Thorton, Ian Turner, and Yuxing (Yolanda) 

Congraulations to our incoming fellows!

The Digital Humanities Network Team
University of Toronto

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