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    [1]    From: Christopher Forstall <cforstall@GMAIL.COM>
           Subject: CfP: Epic Speeches (77)

    [2]    From: Michael Kurzmeier <>
           Subject: Engaging with Web Archives 4 Digital Humanities (#EWA4DH) (54)

        Date: 2021-08-09 14:51:37+00:00
        From: Christopher Forstall <cforstall@GMAIL.COM>
        Subject: CfP: Epic Speeches

Dear Colleagues,

With apologies for cross-posting, please find below a call to
participate in a series of DH workshops on the speeches of epic poetry
and future edited volume. We're very eager to align with other folks in
the Classics linked open data ecosystem, so please don't hesitate to get
in touch or to forward this message. Many thanks!

Chris Forstall


Call for Contributors: Epic Speeches Network

Digital Approaches to Direct Speech Representation in Greek and Latin

The DICES project is pleased to invite colleagues working on epic
poetry, discourse analysis, narratology, linguistics, and digital
humanities to join our new network for the study of direct speech in
ancient and late antique epic and to submit research proposals to an
upcoming conference series and edited volume. DICES (Digital Initiative
for Classics: Epic Speeches) is currently in the process of developing a
database on direct speeches in ancient and late antique epic with
multi-year funding from the SSHRC. The establishment of the Epic
Speeches Network complements this effort and advances the DICES
initiative’s goal to stimulate and facilitate new research on the
representation of direct speech in Graeco-Roman epic, with a particular
emphasis on diachronicity and digital techniques.

The first product of our collaborative research efforts will be a
peer-reviewed edited volume showcasing experimental digital methods
and new possibilities for diachronic analysis of direct speech and
related categories in the epic tradition. All members of the new network
will be invited to work with a prototype version of the DICES database.
This new digital resource comprises linked open data on all instances of
direct speech in Greek and Latin epic from Homer to Late Antiquity.
Links to code repositories and hands-on instructions will be provided
and regularly updated on the project blog.

DICES will organise two successive workshops to increase the cohesion
of the planned multi-author publication, facilitate cooperation between
the participating authors, and to provide training and support for the
use of the developed digital tools of the DICES database. The _first
workshop_ at the University of Rostock (Germany) will take place from
30 June to 2 July 2022. It will be used for the presentation of early
ideas, forging collaboration, and demonstrations of digital tools and
methods, while the second workshop, at Mount Allison University (Canada)
in the summer of 2023 (dates: TBC), will be reserved for presentations
of final drafts, troubleshooting, and brainstorming for future projects.

For more information about DICES, the Epic Speeches Network, the
proposed volume, and a list of potential research questions see our
website: <>.

The deadline for submission of manuscripts (articles ofmax. 8000 words
per contribution, including footnotes, but excluding graphs, appendices,
and bibliography; language of publication: English) for the proposed
volume will likely be in the autumn of 2023, with the aim of publishing
in 2024.

All colleagues interested in attending the first workshop are invited to
submit a short CV (or link to a personal research profile) and a
proposal (300–500 words) by 1 October 2021, specifying one or more
topics or research questions they would be interested in tackling with
the help of our data. If applicable, please also mention your previous
experience with programming and digital tools and methods. Joint
proposals, especially from teams combining a digital and
linguistic/literary research focus, are most welcome.

Please submit the requested documents in docx- or pdf-format via e-mail
to .

Simone Finkmann, Christopher Forstall, Berenice Verhelst
DICES Project Coordinators

        Date: 2021-08-09 08:39:42+00:00
        From: Michael Kurzmeier <>
        Subject: Engaging with Web Archives 4 Digital Humanities (#EWA4DH)

Dear Colleagues,

We would be most grateful if you would consider sharing the information
below, with colleagues and students who may have an interest in
attending the forthcoming international EWA conference 
[] . There is no cost to
attend, and everyone is welcome.

With Thanks
EWA Conference Organisers


Engaging with Web Archives 4 Digital Humanities (#EWA4DH)
01 September 2021

We are delighted to announce the organization of the EWA 2021 conference
as a virtual get-together on 01 September 2021, from 5.00pm-8.30pm
(Irish time) / 6.00pm-9.30pm (CEST). The evening will be hosted by Dr
Juan-José Boté (University of Barcelona), Sharon Healy (Maynooth
University), and Michael Kurzmeier (Maynooth University).

The #EWA4DH 2021 Programme includes:

   *   an overview of the collaborative work being carried out by the
WARCnet Team,
   *   a mixed representation of research fields using the archived web
as a source of research,
   *   a report on RDM practices in web archiving studies,
   *   a Keynote by Dr David Giaretta on the development of the OAIS
suite of digital preservation standards by the CCSDS-DAI.


To Register please see the EWA conference website or use this FORM.  []


Twitter: #EWA4DH Conference @EWAConf

Michael Kurzmeier
PhD Candidate Digital Humanities, IRC PG Scholar
Media Studies / Centre for Digital Humanities
Maynooth University, Maynooth, Co. Kildare, Ireland

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