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        Date: 2021-07-15 14:51:00+00:00
        From: Diane Jakacki <>
        Subject: TEI 2021 Conference Call for Submissions – Next-Gen TEI

CFP TEI 2021: Next Gen TEI

At DH 2017 in Montreal, the Text Encoding Initiative received the Antonio
Zampolli Prize in recognition of our thirtieth anniversary. Four years and
a pandemic later, the TEI Guidelines remain a significant part of the
digital humanities toolkit, with a strong focus on internationalization,
both linguistic and geographic. From Japan to Argentina, Austria to
Cameroon, we can cite multiple examples of workshops, graduate programs,
and community-driven activities focused on the TEI Guidelines and their use.

This year, the TEI-C will hold a shorter virtual version of our usual
conference as our extended global community begins to recover from the
pandemic. We wish to feature a forward-looking program, one that will help
frame the next thirty years of the TEI.

Since we were unable to hold a conference in 2020, we feel a need to do so
this year. At the same time, our members’ ability to travel is likely to
remain restricted for the rest of 2021. Thus we have resolved to organize a
virtual conference.

We invite submissions for presentations that consider any aspect of text
encoding, with especial encouragement for submissions that address issues
related to text encoding in international contexts, linguistic, cultural,
and geographic. Abstracts may be submitted by individuals or groups; they
should be no more than 300 words in length; they should outline the
approach, challenge, and/or context in which text encoding is being
applied; proposals may reflect upon subjects that are project-driven or
methodological in nature.

Abstracts should be submitted via ConfTool:
beginning immediately. Deadline for submissions is 31 July.

Authors should anticipate that accepted work will be presented
synchronously in a telecommunications conference format (concurrent
sessions conducted in Zoom or similar software) on Monday, 25 October, and
on Wednesday, 27 October.

We realize that virtual conferences have certain limitations and present a
variety of challenges. We will therefore make accepted presentations
available on Zenodo between 15 and 25 October. We will also organize a
social poster session in More information about both
opportunities will be forthcoming, and can be found on the conference web

Best regards,

The TEI 2021 Program Committee

Diane Jakacki, Ph.D.
Digital Scholarship Coordinator
Affiliate Faculty in Comparative & Digital Humanities
Bucknell University

Principal Investigator,
LAB Cooperative and REED London Online
Chair, ADHO Conference Coordinating Committee

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