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        Date: 2021-05-13 14:56:31+00:00
        From: Theodora Vardouli, Prof. <>
        Subject: Digital.Visual.Material Symposium (May 26-28, 2021)

We are thrilled to invite you to the virtual
symposium Digital.Visual.Material
( (May 26-28,
2021), which explores the cross-disciplinary construction of a
computational imaginary of design through scholarly presentations and
first-hand accounts on pioneering efforts to transform computers into
visual and creative media.

Below is an abridged version of the symposium program, which you can
view in full (, a new
platform for critical and creative research at the nexus of design and
computation. On the website you will also find details about
registration and live-streaming of the event.

The Digital.Visual.Material symposium is linked with the forthcoming
exhibition /Vers un imaginaire numérique
will take place September 15-November 7, 2021 at the Centre de Design de
l’UQAM in Montreal. The symposium is supported by the Peter Guo-hua Fu
School of Architecture, McGill University and the Social Sciences and
Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Looking forward to seeing you later in May!

Warm wishes,

Theodora Vardouli and Daniel Cardoso Llach

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May 26, 9:30AM – 5:30PM EST

As Below, So Above: Surface and Depth in the Computational Image,
Jacob Gaboury
( (UC Berkeley)
Materialities of Shiny Surfacing, Akshita Sivakumar
( (UC San Diego)
Your New Mnemotechnics, John May
( (Harvard University)
Designers Redesign Robotics, Mario Carpo
( (The Bartlett, UCL)

With an introduction by the organizers Theodora Vardouli and Daniel
Cardoso Llach, and an introduction by session chair Michael Osman
( (UCLA)

Conversations:George Stiny
Roundtable: To be announced

See detailed schedule (
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May 27, 10AM – 5:30PM EST

On Mathematical Aesthetics, Alma Steingart
( (Columbia
Processing Models, Modelling Processes for the HfG Ulm ca. 1952,
Anna-Maria Meister
( (TU Darmstadt)
From Paper to Code: Episodes in the history of computer mapping in
Great Britain, Moa Carlsson

With an introduction by session chair Alessandra Ponte
( (UdeM)

Conversations:Leslie Mezei
( & Frieder Nake
Conversations: Rachel Strickland
( & Paul
Pangaro (

See detailed schedule (
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May 28, 10AM – 4:30PM EST

Feminist Interventions in the West Coast: The case of Video Art and
Computer Graphics, Gabriela Aceves-Sepúlveda
( (Simon
Fraser University)
Topology, Crystals, and a Multitude of Futures, David Theodore
( (McGill University)
T-Square, Spacewar!, and Interfaces of Early Spatial Computing,
Ranjodh Singh Dhaliwal
( (UC Davis)

With an introduction by session chair Olga Touloumi
( (Bard College)

Conversations:Elizabeth Vander Zaag

See detailed schedule (
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