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    [1]    From: James Sumner <james.sumner@MANCHESTER.AC.UK>
           Subject: BSHS Ayrton Prize for digital engagement (85)

    [2]    From: Abrams, Stephen <>
           Subject: Nominations Still Open for NDSA 2021 Excellence Awards (90)

        Date: 2021-07-13 16:06:06+00:00
        From: James Sumner <james.sumner@MANCHESTER.AC.UK>
        Subject: BSHS Ayrton Prize for digital engagement

[from the MERSENNE list]

Dear all

The deadline for submissions to the British Society for the History of
Science's Ayrton Prize 2021 has been extended. The new deadline is
Friday 30 July 2021.

Full details of the prize and how to apply are available below, and on
the BSHS website at If
you have any questions, please contact the committee at


The BSHS Outreach and Engagement Committee is delighted to invite
nominations to the BSHS Ayrton Prize 2021. This prize is awarded once
every two years to recognise outstanding digital engagement in the
history of science, technology and medicine (HSTM).

We interpret the term “digital engagement” broadly to include:

   * publicly accessible websites, or clearly defined contributions to
     existing web-based projects
   * podcasts and audio or video projects created for online delivery
   * online forums for public dialogue and discussion
   * social media initiatives (the nomination should be for a
     well-defined and publicly identifiable campaign or series of
     activities, rather than a general engagement presence)
   * smartphone apps
   * citizen science-style public engagement projects delivered online
   * virtual/augmented reality environments
   * simulations and models based on historical sources or data
   * projects using digital methods to make source materials more
     accessible to a wider audience (for example, 3D imaging of
     historical objects)
   * research projects which apply digital humanities approaches to HSTM
     sources or metadata, provided they have a public engagement element
   * digital tools and utilities to aid the work of public engagement

If you are interested in nominating a project which seems to fall
outside these categories, please contact the organisers for clarification.

To be eligible, entries should

   * have been created or updated with substantial new content within
     the last two years (since early- to mid-2019)
   * directly or indirectly support engagement or dialogue between
     specialists in the HSTM community and non-specialists
   * Reflect current best practice in both HSTM and digital engagement.


The projects will be evaluated using the following criteria:

   * Does the project reflect current scholarship in HSTM?
   * Does the project display good digital design principles? Is it
     easily navigable and accessible?
   * Is it innovative in its technical and/or scholarly approach?
   * Does it make effective use of the medium?
   * Is the content accurate and, where appropriate, supported by
     appropriate references to scholarly sources or further material?
   * Is it useful to HSTM practitioners and/or is it informative and
     interesting to public audiences? Is this well evidenced in the
   * Are there clear and feasible plans to secure the longer-term future
     of the project?

Previous Winners of the BSHS Ayrton Prize


Nominations should come from representatives of the projects themselves.
If you feel that a project you did not work on directly should be
nominated, please encourage the project developers/managers to apply.

Entrants should complete the short form available from the website at and
send it to All queries should also be sent to this address.

The closing date for entries is Friday 30 July 2021.

        Date: 2021-07-13 14:53:52+00:00
        From: Abrams, Stephen <>
        Subject: Nominations Still Open for NDSA 2021 Excellence Awards


Nominations are still being accepted for the National Digital Stewardship
Alliance (NDSA, 2021 Excellence
Awards! (

The annual NDSA award program was first established in 2012 as the Innovation
Awards to recognize and encourage exemplary achievement in the field of digital
preservation stewardship. Beginning in 2021, the awards were renamed as the
Excellence Awards to highlight and commend all forms of creative and meaningful
contributions by individuals, projects, sustainability activities,
organizations, future stewards, and educators to the field of digital
preservation. These awards focus on recognizing excellence in the following

  *   Educator Award: Recognizing academics, trainers, and curricular endeavors
promoting effective and inventive approaches to digital preservation education
through academic programs, partnerships, professional development opportunities,
and curriculum development.
  *   Future Steward Award: Recognizing students and early-career professionals
making an impact on advancing knowledge and practice of digital preservation
  *   Individual Award: Recognizing those individuals making a significant
contribution to the digital preservation community through advances in theory or
  *   Organization Award: Recognizing those organizations providing support,
guidance, advocacy, or leadership for the digital preservation community.
  *   Project Award: Recognizing those activities whose goals or outcomes make a
significant contribution or strategic or conceptual understanding necessary for
successful digital preservation stewardship.
  *   Sustainability Award: Recognizing those activities whose goals or outcomes
make a significant contribution to operational trustworthiness, monitoring,
maintenance, or intervention necessary for sustainable digital preservation

As a diverse international membership organization with a shared commitment to
digital preservation, the NDSA understands the importance of developing and
supporting a broad range of successful digital preservation activities.
Acknowledging that exemplary digital stewardship can take many forms,
eligibility for these awards has been left purposely broad. Anyone or any
project or institution acting in the context of the above categories can be
nominated for an award. Nominees do not have to be NDSA member institutions or
individuals or project staff affiliated with member institutions, but must
evidence engagement with the theory and practice of long-term digital
preservation stewardship. Nominators similarly do not need to be affiliated with
NDSA member institutions. Self-nomination is accepted and encouraged, as are
submissions reflecting the needs and accomplishments of historically
marginalized and underrepresented communities.

Nominations will be accepted until Friday, July 30, 2021.

In past years, prizes have been presented during the NDSA's annual Digital
Preservation conference<> Given ongoing travel
restrictions, this year's event will again take place in virtual form, on Nov.
4, 2021. Attendance at the conference is encouraged but not required for
awardees or nominators.

In these troubled times, it is especially important to take the time to
recognize and laud exemplary activity. We encourage all members of the
international digital preservation community to help us highlight and reward
distinctive approaches to the challenges of digital preservation by submitting
nominations for worthy candidates at:

For more information on the details on awards from previous years, please visit Please feel free to pass along this
announcement to colleagues.

NDSA Excellence Awards Working Group:

Samantha Abrams, Center for Research Libraries
Stephen Abrams, Harvard University (co-chair)
Lauren Goodley, Texas State University
Grete Graf, Yale University
Kari May, University of Pittsburgh
Krista Oldham, Clemson University (co-chair)


Stephen Abrams (he/him/his)
Head of Digital Preservation
Preservation Services
+1 617-998-5468
90 Mt. Auburn Street
Cambridge, MA 02138
Champions of Curiosity

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