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        Date: 2021-05-12 05:03:14+00:00
        From: Ece Turnator <>
        Subject: Thursday@4:30 PM ET | What (Might Be) in a Corpus?: Pedagogical Approaches to “Literature in the Digital Age” SHASS Digital Teaching and Research Collaborative Sessions

SHASS Digital Teaching and Research Collaborative Sessions
Thursday, May 13, @ 4:30 PM

Attend via Zoom

Topic for 5/13. What (Might Be) in a Corpus?: Pedagogical Approaches to
“Literature in the Digital Age” (Wyn Kelley and Erica Zimmer)

How might corpus-based strategies help scholars and students probe
interstitial connections among texts? Literary criticism frequently
takes up the question of how one might relate text to source(s). Yet the
complications of such relationships argue the importance of developing
multiple approaches. Working with digital tools like Voyant
( and AntConc
( can help bridge gaps
between qualitative and quantitative frames of insight, with an eye to
how moving between the two may itself create perspective.Building on
recent work undertaken with students of Wyn Kelley’s “Textual Mischief:
Literature in the Digital Age,” Kelley and DH Lab Research Associate
Erica Zimmer will present informally on work in progress, while
considering how participants might undertake similar, related
experiments in classes of their own.

Dr. Wyn Kelleyhas been a member of theLiterature
( since 1985 and has taught classes on
literature of the Americas (in São Paulo, Brazil), digital texts,
environmental writing, literature of migration, North American writers,
and literary modes (comedy, melodrama, gothic), Her scholarship focuses
on Herman Melville’s works in transatlantic contexts and on the
intersections of traditional and new media. Currently Associate Director
of the/Melville Electronic Library (MEL)
(, an interactive archive of
Melville’s texts, sources, and adaptations, she is also founding member
of theMelville Society Cultural Project
which collaborates with the New Bedford Whaling Museum on projects
related to Melville, whaling, and climate change.

Dr. Erica Zimmercame to MIT in 2017; she is a Lecturer in the
Concourse Program and a Research Associate in MIT’s Programs in Digital
Humanities ( Her research interests
are literary,historical, and editorial, with emphases in poetics,
material culture, and varied forms of adaptation. This summer, she will
serve as pedagogical technical lead for the Melville Society Cultural
Project’s NEH summer institute,//“/Moby-Dickand the World of Whaling in
the Digital Age (,” and she is delighted
to contribute to several Literature research initiatives, including
“Global Shakespeares: The Merchant Module
(” Her current
digital projects invite multiple points of engagement with bookshops
surrounding London’s St. Paul’s Cathedral before the 1666 Great Fire.

We look forward to welcoming you all!

Very best,
DH Lab x Libs Team

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