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        From: Oxford University Press <>
        Subject: Digital Scholarship in the Humanities Table of Contents for April 2021

Digital Scholarship in the Humanities
Volume 36 Issue 1
April 2021

Automatically extracted parallel corpora enriched with highly useful
metadata? A Wikipedia case study combining machine learning and social
Ahmad Aghaebrahimian; Andy Stauder; Michael Ustaszewski

A conceptual model to increase the visibility and usage of cultural
heritage objects: The case of UNESCO’s Memory of the World list
Sümeyye Akça 

Hoshi: A Japanese morphological adorner for TEI XML
Jerry Bonnell; Mitsunori Ogihara 

‘Attention, attention, exploring minds acknowledge digital structure!’
The shift to digital humanities has happened, so what should information
scientists do in response?
Volkmar P Engerer

Stylistic palimpsests: Computational stylistic perspectives on
precursory authorship in Aphra Behn’s drama border
Mel Evans; Alan Hogarth

Towards the development of a grammar checker and its utilization in the
teaching of Modern Greek as mother tongue
Panagiotis Gakis; Theodoros Kokkinos; Christos Tsalidis

Toward multimodal corpus pragmatics: Rationale, case, and agenda
Lihe Huang 

A transdisciplinary protocol for digital scholarship
Brendan Jacobs 

The art of nerves: A quantitative and qualitative analysis of drama at
the turn of nineteenth and twentieth century
Agnieszka Karlińska

Communists spoke differently: An analysis of Czechoslovak and Czech
annual presidential speeches
Miroslav Kubát; Ján Mačutek; Radek Čech

Stylistic analysis of the French presidential speeches: Is Macron really
Dominique Labbé; Jacques Savoy 

Statistical approaches in literature: An application of principal
component analysis and factor analysis to analyze the different
arrangements about the Quran’s Suras
Yanwen Wang; Javad Garjami; Milena Tsvetkova; Nguyen Huu Hau;
Kim-Hung Pho 

The Grimm Brothers: A stylometric network analysis
Gabriela Rotari; Melina Jander; Jan Rybicki

UDAT: Compound quantitative analysis of text using machine learning
Lior Shamir 

Chinua Achebe’s /There was a Country/ and the digital publics of African
James Yeku 


Original Articles

Red or white? Color in Chinese folksongs
Xiaojin Zhang; Haitao Liu

Book Reviews

AI and Humanity. /Nourbakhsh, Illah Reza and Jennifer Keating/
Michael Falk

Eye Tracking in Second Language Acquisition and Bilingualism: A Research
Synthesis and Methodological Guide. Aline Godfroid
Grażyna Kiliańska-Przybyło; Agnieszka Ślçzak-Świat 

Cyberformalism: Histories of Linguistic Forms in the Digital Archive.
Daniel Shore 
Rachael Scarborough King

Emergent Practices and Material Conditions in Learning and Teaching with
Technologies. Teresa Cerratto Pargman and Isa Jahnke
Hamzeh Moradi 

Machine Translation and Global Research: Towards Improved Machine
Translation Literacy in the Scholarly Community. Lynne Bowker and Jairo
Buitrago Ciro 
Wei Zhao 

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