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        Date: 2021-04-28 05:29:49+00:00
        From: Pierre d ’Alancaisez <pierre@PETITPOI.NET>
        Subject: Digital Humanities training events for PhD researchers

Training events in the digital humanities and the conditions of being
online for PhD candidates

What are the ‘digital’ humanities? How can we account for the ‘Zoom
effect'? And what data can we find online anyway?

     The PRG Studio of the Faculty of Arts, Design and Media at
     Birmingham City University invites PhD researchers to join a series
     of three workshops that explore the potential of bringing,
     performing, and communicating research online.


The past year has brought about changes we could hardly have predicted.
With archives closed and research participants accessible only via video
calls, much of the research in the humanities has been moved online at
an unprecedented rate. While this has been a challenge for many projects
and researchers have had to re-evaluate and reinvent their work, the
rapid change has brought about a new interest in working online.

The first workshop (12 May) will equip researchers with a range of
methods and approaches to conducting digital humanities research and the
use of the online environment as a rich source of data.

The second and third workshops (16, 23 June) will shift focus to ‘being’
online and explore the affective aspects – including sentiment,
emotional, and kinesic analysis – of online research and communication.
Details of these workshops will be released soon.

Booking for all three:

   Data-driven: the humanities get digital
       Wednesday 12 May 2021, 2.30pm-4.30pm (UK)
       Dr Emily McGinn and Katie Kuiper

This session will provide a broad overview of the digital humanities
tools and methods for developing data driven research. Building on this
understanding, the workshop will explore participants’ own data
collection methods and models and will offer a wide range of options for
investigating data and building your project.

This workshop will be of particular interest to researchers pursuing
fields such as social media analytics, big data research, virtual
ethnography, discourse analysis, or archival research.

The workshop will:

   * build a theoretical underpinning for digital humanities research,
   * reflect on the place of the digital humanities in the contemporary
     research environment,
   * introduce useful computing and programming tools for research,
   * provide practical training on online data gathering, web-scraping,
     or corpus analysis,
   * prepare researchers to handle, treat, visualise, and analyse big
     data ethically

Dr Emily McGinn is the Head of Digital Humanities at the University of
Georgia, USA. She oversees the Wilson Center Digital Humanities Lab in a
role that includes advising, consulting and managing new digital
projects, designing new digital humanities curriculum and outreach.

Katie Kuiper is a Researcher and Visiting Lecturer in corpus
linguistics, language variation, and digital humanities at the
University of Georgia

Thinking, researching, and being online image

The series is organised by Amélie Doche, Vincent Obia, and Pierre
d’Alancaisez in conjunction with Birmingham City University’s PGR Studio.

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