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        Date: 2021-04-22 08:00:36+00:00
        From: Ken Friedman <>
        Subject: New Issue of She Ji Now Online

Dear Colleagues,

The latest issue of She Ji has just been published. As a fully peer reviewed
open access journal, we make all issues available free on our web site. You can
download the current issue here. You can use the button at the left of the page
to download the full issue or you can use the Contents to download single

This issue contains these articles:

A Second Look at Primary Generators
Michael Mose Biskjaer and Bo T. Christensen

Characterizing Interaction Design by Its Ideals: A Discipline in Transition
Kristina Höök and Jonas Löwgren

Can We Define Design? Analyzing Twenty Years of Debate on a Large Email
Discussion List
Alethea Blackler, Levi Swann, Marianella Chamorro-Koc, Wathsala Anupama Mohotti,
Thirunavukarasu Balasubramaniam, Richi Nayak

Situation, Patterns, Exploration, and Exploitation in Engineering Design
Chris McMahon

Design Demarcation—A Pointless and Fruitless Task . . .
Philip G.C. Whiting

Defining Military Design Thinking: An Extensive, Critical Literature Review
Cara Wrigley, Genevieve Mosely, and Michael Mosely

We welcome you to the current issue of She Ji. Once again, here is the link:



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Cooperation with Elsevier | URL:

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