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        Date: 2021-04-20 08:51:24+00:00
        From: Claire Clivaz <>
        Subject: SNSF MARK16 project: 36 manuscripts online with Mk 16 folios (six languages)

Dear colleagues,

The SNSF project MARK16 is glad to announce the release of 36 manuscripts in six
languages with folios of the last chapter of the Gospel according to Mark:

The API includes an admin interface that allows to SSH researchers to upload
directly all the material, with metadata coming from the open public repository
Nakala (Huma-Num, CNRS). About ten manuscripts will still come, with 4 other
languages. The API documentation will be uploaded later on GitHub.

This collaborative work is due to the excellent DH+ and Core-IT team at SIB, and
I am enormously grateful to Mina Monier and Jonathan Barda, with Silvano Alda
and Vassilios Ioannidis.

A multilingual work on ancient manuscripts is possible only with partnerships:
let discover the names of the scholars involved in the project on the manuscript
webpages. We thank them a lot. Last but not least, this «MARK16 manuscript room»
has come to existence thanks to our partnership with the New Testament Virtual
Manuscript Room of the INTF (Münster), to which goes all my recognition.
MARK16 is the first VRE focused on a biblical chapter:

All the datasets are available on Nakala: https://mark16-snsf-prima-

Do not hesitate to join us for all questions or remarks!

Kind greetings,
Claire Clivaz
Claire Clivaz
Head of DH+
SIB | Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
Amphipole 187 - Quartier Sorge, Dorigny – CH-1015 Lausanne
t +41 21 692 40 60

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