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Humanist Archives: April 15, 2021, 6:57 a.m. Humanist 34.331 - events: Day of DH; science and the moving image

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    [1]    From: Asen Ivanov <>
           Subject: Calling all: Day of DH 2021 is here (53)

    [2]    From: Miles Kempton <mk892@CAM.AC.UK>
           Subject: Science and the Moving Image: Histories of Intermediality (70)

        Date: 2021-04-14 20:04:02+00:00
        From: Asen Ivanov <>
        Subject: Calling all: Day of DH 2021 is here

We are delighted to announce that the Day of DH 2021 will take place on
April 29. The organizing committee this year is led by Loyola University
Chicago, UCLA, in USA, University of Guelph in Canada, Università del
Piedmont Orientale in Italy.

The theme for this year isMultilingual DH.With it, we want to open up
conversation about not just projects being undertaken in the various
languages, but also put together a list of non-English tools, libraries,
software products, tips, hacks, and resources available for researchers
and institutions.

Digital Humanists from all corners of the world are encouraged to share
their work on Twitter (as always!) as well as Instagram, using the

But this Day of DH is unique, as it comes after a year of living in the
virtual space. We have had a year of seeing human life and technology
intersect intimately, and seen its affordances and its limitations come
to fore virtual meeting after virtual meeting. So this Day of DH also
provides us with an opportunity to share how a global pandemic changed
DH, its directions, your research questions, and more.

Over the next few weeks, we will update the website
( with resources,
potential events to hold at your Center or Campus, and more. Keep an eye
out, and for queries, please DM us on Twitter
(, or email us at

Please share this announcement with your Center mailing lists and
encourage your faculty, students and staff to tweet about their day on
April 29. Information will be disseminated on the @DayofDH twitter
account. For Centers, this may be an opportunity to disseminate projects
that would be of interest to a wider public, to talk about toolkits and
case studies in multilingual DH, and, or to host a virtual event such as
a discussion or video viewing, and be a part of what we hope will be a
truly global conversation exchange.

More information about Day of DH is on the CenterNet website:

Please consider participating in the Dat of DH 2021 by promoting the
event, sharing your work via social media, or organizingparallel events
locally in your community!

Asen (on behalf of Day of DH 2021 organizingcommittee)

Asen O. Ivanov (he/him)
Michael Ridley Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Guelph

        Date: 2021-04-14 11:48:10+00:00
        From: Miles Kempton <mk892@CAM.AC.UK>
        Subject: Science and the Moving Image: Histories of Intermediality

Science and the Moving Image: Histories of Intermediality
Online (Zoom)
November 2nd and 3rd PM (UK time), 2021

Since the advent of film in the late nineteenth century, moving images
have been integral to making and communicating science. A rich
interdisciplinary literature has examined such representations of
science in the cinema and on television and investigated how scientists
have used moving images to conduct research and communicate knowledge.
Responding to growing interest in science and the moving image, this
online workshop uses the concept of ‘intermediality’ as a starting point
to discuss new approaches and methodologies. Intermediality, coined by
media scholars to describe the interplay between different media,
magnifies their multiple meanings and heterogenous interrelations.

Moving images especially invite intermedial analysis because they are
often composed of interrelated visuals, speech, music, and text; film
can also be cut into stills for reproduction in newspapers,
advertisements, and journals. Intermedial approaches thus allow scholars
to assess not only the relationship between scientific practices and
media forms, but also the afterlives, circulation, and reception of
these media in a richer historical context. With its attention to
relations and movement between media, intermediality also expands our
understanding of the visual cultures of science, including in parts of
the world and among groups that are underrepresented in current
scholarship. We particularly invite submissions that use intermediality
to engage critically with the scope and limits of science and the moving

Possible themes might include:

-- Processes of translation between different media, including film,
television, radio, and print

-- Intermedial practices and histories of specific scientific disciplines

-- Moving images in science education

-- Transnational and comparative approaches to scientific image-making

-- Time-lapse, frame-by-frame analysis, and other analytical methods as
intermedial practices

-- Representations of science in multimedia entertainment industries

-- The relationship between moving images of science and the history of
empire and colonization

-- Amateur uses of moving image media, including citizen science

-- The cultural reproduction through scientific images of gender, race,
and class.

Keynote speaker: Dr. Tim Boon (Head of Research and Public History,
Science Museum Group)

We welcome talks from postgraduate students, early-career researchers
and established scholars. We are looking for abstracts (max. 250 words)
for 15-20 minute talks, which will be arranged in thematic panels.
Submissions should be sent to The
deadline for proposals is June 28th, 2021 and we aim to respond to
proposals within four weeks.

This workshop will take place online via Zoom and is hosted by
postgraduate members of the Department of History and Philosophy of
Science and the Faculty of History, University of Cambridge.

Organised by: Miles Kempton, Max Long, Anin Luo

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