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Humanist Archives: April 9, 2021, 8:10 a.m. Humanist 34.320 - events: Neo-Latin; bibliography & book studies; data art

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    [1]    From: Marinella Testori <>
           Subject: DH and NeoLatin Studies (17)

    [2]    From: Christopher Young <>
           Subject: CONFERENCE: Bibliographical & Book Studies in Canada | Études du Livre et Bibliographie au Canada (68)

    [3]    From: Aristea Fotopoulou <>
           Subject: Webinar on Data Art, by ART/DATA/HEALTH (86)

        Date: 2021-04-08 22:29:55+00:00
        From: Marinella Testori <>
        Subject: DH and NeoLatin Studies

Dear Willard,

I would let you know about the next 'Digital Humanities and Neo-Latin
Studies' online conference, scheduled on 14-16th April:

According to the program available on the website, the conference will
analyze and discuss "the current developments and perspectives of Digital
Neo-Latin studies".
Instructions about how to register are provided on the conference website

I hope the event could attract the interest of Humanist's readers.

Many thanks and regards,
Marinella Testori Ph.D. AKC - Associate of King's College London

        Date: 2021-04-08 17:00:24+00:00
        From: Christopher Young <>
        Subject: CONFERENCE: Bibliographical & Book Studies in Canada | Études du Livre et Bibliographie au Canada

*English to follow

Le livre au coeur des relations
Du 31 mai au 1 juin, les chercheur-cheuse-s spécialisé-e-s en études du livre et
en bibliographie se rassembleront à distance pour la Conférence annuelle
virtuelle de la Société bibliographique du Canada. Cette année, les
conférencier-e-s aborderont le thème de « Relations du livre » en traçant des
liens entre des personnes, des cultures, et des modes de savoir, tout en formant
des visions inclusives pour les études du livre et de la bibliographie. Nous
sommes ravis de partager un programme de conférencier-e-s qui s'engageront avec
le thème, qui comprendra des présentations à propos de la décolonisation des
textes et les différentes méthodes bibliographiques pour examiner les cultures
du « livre » marginalisées.

Contrairement aux années précédentes, notre conférence aura lieu virtuellement
au cours de trois journées pour accommoder les horaires des membres d’une côte à
l’autre. Nous avons cinq réunions de conférencier-e-s, ainsi que notre Réunion
générale, et un évènement organisé par un nouvel évènement du Groupe d’intérêt
des collections spéciales pour donner à ceux et celles qui s’intéressent aux
collections spéciales un forum pour discuter des questions d’intérêt mutuel.
Tous ceux et celles qui sont intéressé-e-s par ce domaine sont les invité-e-s,
qu’ils ou elles soient des professionnel-le-s de l’informations, des professeur-
e-s, des étudiant-e-s ou des membres du commerce du livre.

Pour lutter contre les iniquités vécues par nos collègues et afin d’être plus
inclusifs envers les communautés qui voudraient s’engager dans les études du
livre et de la bibliographie, l’inscription à la conférence sera libre au
public. S’il vous plait, veuillez vous inscrire sur notre site
EventBrite<>. Nous avons hâte à vous voir
virtuellement à la Conférence des Études du livre et de la bibliographie au
Canada cet été!

Relations of the Book
From May 31st to June 1st, bibliographical and book studies researchers will
gather remotely for the virtual Annual Conference of the Bibliographical Society
of Canada. Our conference speakers this year will engage with the theme
‘Relations of the Book’ in connecting peoples, communities, cultures, and ways
of knowing, while forming inclusive visions for bibliographical and book
studies. We are excited to share a program of speakers that engage with the
theme, which includes presentations on the decolonization of texts and diverse
bibliographical approaches to examine marginalized ‘book’ cultures.

Unlike previous years, our annual conference will take place virtually and
stretch over two days to accommodate members’ schedules coast to coast. We have
five panel sessions of speakers along with our Annual General Members meeting,
and a new Special Collections Interest Group event to create a forum for those
interested in special collections to discuss issues of mutual interest. Everyone
with an interest in the field is welcome, be they information professionals,
professionals, professors, students or members of the book trade.

To address some of the inequities experienced by our colleagues and to be
inclusive to communities that would like to engage with bibliographical and book
studies, registration for the conference will be free to the public. Please
register at our EventBrite page<>, and we
look forward to seeing you virtually at the Bibliographical and Book Studies in
Canada Conference this summer!

Chris J. Young, Ph.D. (he/him)
BSC-SbC Vice-President and Conference Chair

Coordinator, Digital Scholarship, Archives & Special Collections | UTM Library
University of Toronto Mississauga | 3359 Mississauga Road
+1 (905) 828-3884 |
Archives & Special Collections<> | Digital
Scholarship<> |
Personal Website<>

        Date: 2021-04-08 10:08:37+00:00
        From: Aristea Fotopoulou <>
        Subject: Webinar on Data Art, by ART/DATA/HEALTH

"Data Art: Exploring Data As Artistic Material And Medium"
Dr Younghui Kim
Fri, 9 April 2021
10:00 – 11:00 BST

Join us tomorrow for a talk by Dr Younghui Kim (,
Queensland University Of Technology. “Data Art: Exploring Data As
Artistic Material And Medium". Hosted by Dr Aristea Fotopoulou, part of
the the seminar Series - ART/DATA/HEALTH: Communicating public health
data creatively during the pandemic.



“Data can be viewed differently depending on how we collect, frame, and
interpret. Especially, data can reveal stories with social issues
embedded in them when seen through artistic exploration.”

Many of us are living in data-saturated societies where our everyday
actions, opinions, and environmental status are being digitally traced.
These data certainly open up new opportunities to develop new products
or inform the decision-making of new policies. In parallel, data provide
a rich context for contemporary artists to explore personally, socially,
and politically. Among the critical concerns of data such as
under-representation, data bias, privacy issues, unequal access, and
data transparency, I artistically explored under-represented data –
left-out data as outliers – by acknowledging layers of data bias through
my art practice.

In this talk, I will present the findings from my research on data art
by seeing data as an artistic material and medium. Then, I will discuss
the layers of bias and how I embrace the idea of subjectivity, bias, and
the need for diverse representations of data, especially through my
creative practice of the artistic exploration of data.

Speaker bio:

Younghui ( is a media artist, co-founder of
RedOnion, and associate professor at Hongik Univeristy. For over one and
half decade, Younghui has been exploring the field of new media art,
such as wearable technology art, interactive art and data art, where she
has combined computational algorithm, physical computing technology and
art and design. Her data art installations have been exhibited at QUT
(Seeking for Outleirs: Artistic Exploraiton of Data through Creative
Practice, The Block, Australia 2020), Design Korea Festival (Design
beyond Data 2020), Cornell University ( as art 2014),
Gallery ThisWeekendRoom (Weight of Data 2016), the Society of Art and
Technologies in Montreal as a part of CHI2018 Art Exhibition (Weight of
Data 2018), and Platform-L Contemporary Art Center (The Sense of Data 2018).



The seminar series 'Communicating public health data creatively during
the pandemic' is organised by ART/DATA/HEALTH project (University of
Brighton, funded by Arts and Humanities Research Council). Find out more

Join us in an exciting online seminar series with international speakers
exploring how health data have been communicated during the COVID-19
pandemic, focusing on creative and artistic representations of data. The
series includes perspectives and approaches to data from bioart,
community art, participatory dance, media art, film, animation and more
traditional forms of data viz.

For full programme, abstracts and bookings:

Best wishes

Dr Aristea Fotopoulou
UKRI-AHRC Innovation Fellow
PI Impact of COVID-19 on arts and health charities (UKRI QR-SPF)
University of Brighton, UK @aristeaf |

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