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        Date: 2021-03-17 13:06:56+00:00
        From: Erica Zimmer <>
        Subject: 2-year postdoc: Advancing Equity and Accessibility in Archives and Special Collections

Dear all,

    With apologies for cross-posting, please see below for an exciting
postdoctoral opportunity focused on “Advancing Equity and Accessibility in
Archives and Special Collections” through MIT’s Programs in the Digital

    Here is the link ( to the full
description. Please feel free to contact Professor Frampton at digitalhumanities
[at] with questions.

    We look forward to welcoming a dynamic new member of the Programs in Digital
Humanities team!

With best wishes,
Erica Zimmer

Lecturer, Concourse Program
Research Associate, Programs in the Digital Humanities
MIT |<>

Postdoctoral Associate: Advancing Equity and Accessibility in Archives and
Special Collections
Postdoctoral Research Program, Center for Research on Equitable and Open
Scholarship (CREOS)
Two-Year Term - Visa Sponsorship Available


The MIT Libraries’ Center for Research on Equitable and Open
Scholarship ( (CREOS) seeks an exceptional,
collaborative, and community-driven researcher for a two-year postdoctoral
associate role, to conduct original research on scholarly communications and the
scholarly ecosystem. In partnership with the Andrew W. Mellon
Foundation (, CREOS plans to hire three highly motivated
scholars with a strong desire to conduct research that will advance knowledge in
the service of equitable and open scholarship. We are especially interested in
applicants who wish to pursue research that will further our understanding of
incentives and barriers to equitable and open scholarship, impacts of equitable
and open scholarship, and/or economic models for equitable and open scholarship.


Conduct original research in the areas of open and equitable scholarship under
the guidance of the Principal Investigator Stephanie Ann
Frampton ( (Associate Professor of
Literature and Director of the MIT Programs in Digital Humanities) and in close
collaboration with library and faculty mentors, research scientists, and fellow
postdoctoral associates. The outcomes from this research will be used to inform
future research, implementations, or adoptable resources for MIT Libraries and
the broader library community.

This position will focus on research related to identifying, assessing,
developing, and promulgating best practices for advancing equity and
accessibility in archives and special collections, with a particular focus on
accessibility of digital collections for persons with disabilities. The
postdoctoral associate’s research will focus on identifying and analyzing
current barriers to accessing digital collections within archives and special
collections. The associate will also be expected to critically assess existing
and potential technology solutions for closing the accessibility divide. We are
particularly interested in exploring how remote access to digital archives and
special collections might redress and/or exacerbate challenges of disability and

The first year of the associateship will focus on identifying, describing, and
analyzing existing accessibility practices and interventions to digital archives
and special collections access, while the second year will focus on designing
prototypes and evaluating interventions within MIT Libraries’ own Distinctive

The participant selected for this position will join the vibrant community of
researchers in the humanities, arts, and social sciences who are part of MIT
Programs in Digital Humanities ( They will
have the opportunity to contribute to established research questions in CREOS as
well as to develop their own ideas for research in the areas of open and
equitable research: specifically, the barriers, impacts, and/or economic models

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