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        Date: 2021-03-09 13:37:47+00:00
        From: Marilena Daquino <>
        Subject: Job position at the University of Bologna

On behalf of prof. Silvio Peroni

# Open position at UNIBO/OpenCitations to work in H2020 OpenAIRE-Nexus

Dear all,

We are seeking applicants for a new one-year research fellowship to be held from
May 2021 (renewable for an additional year) to work in the H2020 OpenAIRE-Nexus
project ( OpenAIRE-Nexus aims at
bringing together, within the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), fourteen new
services focused on the development and promotion of Open Science. OpenCitations
(<>) is directly involved in
this project through the University of Bologna, Italy.

The closing deadline for applying to the Research Fellowship is 31 March 2021.
The minimal formal requirement for this position is a Master degree in Computer
Science, Computer Science and Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering,
Digital Humanities, or equivalent. The position has a net salary (exempt from
income tax, after deduction of social security contributions) in excess of 20K
euros per year. The call for application is available on the website of the
University of Bologna at:

Additional information can be found at:

If you know any potential candidate who might be interested in this opportunity,
I would be most grateful if you could please forward this information to them.
You or they should feel free to contact me
(<>) for further information.

Silvio Peroni, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Department of Classical Philology and Italian Studies
University of Bologna, Bologna (Italy)

Marilena Daquino, Research Associate
/DH.arc, Digital Humanities Advanced Research Centre.
Department of Classic Philology and Italian Studies, University of Bologna,
via Zamboni 32, 40126, Bologna. Italy<>

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