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        Date: 2021-03-08 00:26:30+00:00
        From: Elisabeth Burr <>
        Subject: ESU DH 2021: Announcement of dates

TECHNOLOGY" - 3rd to 13th of August 2021 UNIVERSITY OF LEIPZIG

As some may remember the 11th European Summer University in Digital
Humanities “Culture & Technology” to be held last summer in Leipzig had
to be postponed to 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is to inform you that given that the DAAD has agreed to support the
European Summer University again for two years, we have decided to hold
ESU DH 2021 from the 3rd to 13th of August 2021 in Leipzig as promised.
It will be organised together with the Forum Digital Humanities Leipzig

Although we are aware that the pandemic may hold still many challenges
in store for us all, we are planning to meet with everybody in person in
Leipzig. Should this not be possible we will put a plan B in place which
could either mean having a hybrid event or, if the worst comes to the
worst, a fully virtual one. We will just have to see what the next
months bring.

As in former years the Summer University is supposed to take place
across 11 whole days. The intensive programme should consist of
workshops, teaser sessions, public lectures, regular project
presentations, a poster session and a panel discussion.

At the moment a new ConfTool is being installed. All users of ESU’s 2020
ConfTool <>as well as all the
application documents submitted there in 2020 will be transferred to the
new installation.

As soon as the new installation is ready and we have updated ESU’s
website <>with information about the workshops
which will be offered, we will come back with more information.

With my very best wishes
Elisabeth Burr
Prof. (em.) Dr. phil. Elisabeth Burr
French, Francophone and Italian Linguistics
Director of the European Summer University in Digital Humanities
"Culture & Technology"

University of Leipzig
Beethovenstr. 15
D-04107 Leipzig <>

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