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        Date: 2021-02-25 19:52:28+00:00
        From: Clovis Gladstone <>
        Subject: Official release of the Intertextual Hub

The ARTFL Project is happy to announce the initial release of the
Intertextual Hub thanks to support from a Level II Digital Advancement
grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. The Intertextual Hub
is an experimental digital humanities reading environment that aims to
situate specific documents in their broader context of intertextual
relations, whether in the form of direct or indirect borrowings, shared
topics with other texts or parts of texts, or other kinds of lexical
similarity. Thus, the Intertextual Hub allows users to navigate between
individual and larger groups of texts that are related through shared
themes, ideas, and passages.

The Intertextual Hub was built around an extraordinarily broad set of text
collections with specific focus on the 10 years of the French Revolution
and more generally on 18th-century French resources, ranging from the great
works of the French Enlightenment and large collections of 18th-century
publications to the daily record of the legislative assemblies, published
debates and pamphlets, and newspaper runs. While some of these collections
may be access restricted, most of the texts are freely searchable and

We believe that the Intertextual Hub provides users the ability to navigate
intellectual currents across the disparate documents and collections
directly accessible and can contribute to a better understanding of how
revolutionary discourse developed under the pressure of events, within the
larger cultural context of 18th-century intellectual traditions.

We would like to emphasize that this is a first public version that remains
nevertheless experimental. The Hub aims to provide a means of moving from
distant to close reading. It is possible to move selectively from a very
large set of diverse types of documents that can be explored in various
ways into a given text that can be read, often in high-quality digital
images of the original publication. Among them: topics, similar passages,
word use. Beyond allowing users to zero in on a text for reading, its
various tools allow them to gain a fuller understanding of what might be
called the “state of the language” and its constant evolutions over time.

We look forward to any comments and suggestions users may have. The user
experience is most important to us and user feedback will be very helpful
as we start planning on the next iteration of the Intertextual Hub. We've
provided a link in the page head of the Hub for that purpose.

You can access the Intertextual Hub here:
For more information on the project:

We have also prepared an overview video that shows all of these different
Intertextual Hub Screencast

The ARTFL team

Clovis Gladstone
Senior Research Associate
Romance Languages and Literatures
Associate Director of the ARTFL Project
Project Director, Textual Optics Lab
University of Chicago

New book out now: *Rousseau et le matérialisme
<>* in the *Oxford
University Studies in the Enlightenment* series, available from Liverpool
University Press

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