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Humanist Archives: Feb. 24, 2021, 8:32 a.m. Humanist 34.230 - Welcome to (the new) Humanist

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        Date: 2021-02-24 08:02:34+00:00
        From: Willard McCarty <>
        Subject: We begin

Dear colleagues,

Welcome to Humanist! We begin with this message after 200 days of
silence and a great amount of cooperative work between Cologne and
London to accomplish its migration to Universitt zu Kln. Thanks are
due to all those involved, without whom the undesirable would be a fact.
But it isn't, and I am grateful.

Allow me first some housekeeping. Then other messages will follow. So,
two matters for your attention.

(1) Where it is. From now on Humanist lives at the same web address as
before,, which is the only one you should use for it. The
web system is likely to be moved to another server in the future, in
which case <> will continue to work, whereas a
server-based address will stop working.

(2) How it goes. Humanist now has an editorial policy and an Editorial
Board, for which see the About page
( The policy, worked out with
the help of the Board, is as brief as I could get it and as close as I
could make it to Humanist's de facto practices over the last three
decades. My preference was to leave the policy implicit, but I've
concluded that Humanist must have an explicit one and that it has to be
spelled out for all to see.

The Editorial Board is intended to function in much the same way as for
journals, to provide the Editor with colleagues on whom to rely, and by
its membership to signify the reach of Humanist in several dimensions.
The Board also marks a transition that was accomplished years ago: 
from a clearing house of information to a form of scholarly publication.

Now for the good stuff.

Willard McCarty,
Professor emeritus, King's College London;
Editor, Interdisciplinary Science Reviews;  Humanist

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