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(rev. July 2003)

  1. Addresses for Humanist
  2. Your subscription address
  3. Changing your subscription
  4. Accessing the archives for Humanist
  5. Adjusting your mailer

The following assumes that you are a current member of Humanist. For information on how to subscribe, see the Humanist Subcription form.

  1. Addresses for Humanist
  2. Humanist itself
    (for submitting normal contributions):
    The Humanist Web site
    (main source of information):
    Humanist archives
    (log files &c.):
    (see the homepage)
    Editor, Willard McCarty
    (for extraordinary reasons):
    Assistant Editor, David L. Gants
    (for technical assistance):
    (for adjusting your subscription parameters):

  3. Your subscription address
  4. One of the most frequent sources of confusion for members of Humanist is communicating with the software that handles subscriptions. This software, called Listserv, can only recognize you as the "owner" of your subscription if you use the full address with which you have subscribed. If your address changes in any way, Listserv will not recognize you. Changes can occur because your system administrator has altered some portion of the address or reconfigured the machines in your local network, or because you yourself have changed accounts. On most systems, when you move to a new account you can arrange to have mail forwarded from the old one, but to Listserv you are not you unless you send messages from this old account.

    If your address has changed, send a note to the Assistant Editor requesting assistance.

    Note that Humanist normally allows only one subscription per person.

  5. Changing your subscription: postponing and resuming mail, unsubscribing, and other options
  6. Except for unusual circumstances, you should manage your subscription directly via the Web interface at the above URL. Complete documentation is available online; see the General User's Guide to LISTSERV.

    Finally, if you are completely lost, you may contact the Assistant Editor.

  7. Accessing the archives for Humanist
  8. All the archives and associated files for Humanist are online and easily searchable via a hyperlinked archive at the Institute for Academic Technology in the Humanities (Virginia), accessible from the homepage.

  9. Adjusting your mailer
  10. Note that what you see when you view a message from Humanist is to a certain extent dependent on what "mailer agent" you are using. This is particularly true of the information sent at the beginning of each message, the mail header, which can be quite long and usually consists of information you neither want nor need. Many mailers have means of controlling the amount of header you see. Please seek local help for making adjustments to your mailer.

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